RAW research files

The files refered to are scanned images of about 1,500 pages.

Some pages are easier to read than others. Much time was spent making these pages the best possible.

If you have some files to add please contact Lyle Rawlins







New items

In July, 2007 many of the original family research documents in posession of Julia Rawlins & Bert Rawlins were scanned and are now available for download.

Some of the scanned files became way too large to comfortably download and I have broken them into multiple recoreds.

Please keep in mind you will find duplicate pages and there may be some conflicting information on them.

To download a file simply click on the name of the individual. My appologies for the some files being rather large. The largest files have their file size indicated in red. If you desire one without the download it can be sent on a CD.

The scaned files are as follows:

Frost Family

Rawlins Family

VanDyke Family

Other Families

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