Sandy Run Baptist Church

Located in Mooresboro, North Carolina, Priscilla Rawlins & her daughter Nancy were listed as members. They left in 1794 with a letter of recomendation.

This is one of the oldest Churhes in the region.

View of the Cemetery at Sandy Run Baptist Church


I watched, but nothin' happened!




Placeholder ImageSandy Run Baptist Church

Located in Mooresboro, North Carolina. Priscilla Rawlins and her daughter Nancy were members of this congregation. They left in 1794 with letters of recommendation as they headed westward with family members.






Placeholder ImageThe cemetery at Sandy Run Baptist Church

A panoramic view of the cemetery at Sandy Run Church. This is looking from the oldest section to the newest. (Note the green awning in the distance, this is still an active cemetery.) Many of the grave markers in this area had been weathered to the point of being impossible to read.


Placeholder ImageSome of the older grave stones

Centuries of weather have not been kind to many of these markers.




Placeholder ImageTowards the newer section

This is towards the newer section of the cemetery at Sandy Run.







Placeholder ImageThe Broad River Genealogical Society.

Located at 1145 County Home Road, Shelby, Cleveland County, NC., the BRGS was one of the highlights of our trip in 2003. We were able with the help of Bev Barnes to copy many family related documents for study when we returned home.

The BRGS also sells books and other published local histories. Check their website for a listing of available books.

If you are in the area this is a required visit for anyone doing family research in this area. Click here for their website.



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