Finding Places

Some of my favorite resoruces for finding places then and now are:

Google Earth

Perry-CastaƱeda Library Map Collection

USGS Geographical Name Server

US Census Bureau Gazetteer


One of the biggest challenges is to find the places our ancestors came from.

We have seen many changes in the nations of the Earth in just the past two decades. Who know what changes are yet coming.

Knowing your family history also means you need to know world history as it pertains to your ancestors and their travels.

Search engines are a very good place to start, but what if you are looking back one or two or three centuries? Do you even know what that area was called then and is it still known as the same place now?

The first home I remember was at Hailstone Junction. This was a few houses next to a small water driven power plant. The families as I recall were Rawlins', Duke's, Sweeney's and Story's. We left there about 1955 and my family moved back to Lewiston, Utah. We did keep in touch with the other families for many years. The last time we were at Hailstone was in the summer of 1964. I have always wanted to return, but Hailstone isn't exactly on the main highway to anywhere.

As for Hailstone its self, it is now under water at Jordanelle State Park. I do intend to visit there in the coming year and find out exactly where our house was.