Nancy Ellen Rawlins Stocks

Aunt Ell was the last child of her parents they had twelve children, she was the only one born in Lewiston, and it was when the flat was first settled, and shaired her life time sports with her Bro Alf & Minta, and the neighbors children, Isabella, Phileman, Sarah and Russel Rogers. They lived just across the street from us so we all had such fun togeather.

She worked in different offices in the Ward, I remember a lot of the young fellows that use to come see Aunt Ell.

She was married the 12 Dec 1894 to Edwin Murray Stocks in the Logan Temple. I remember they had a Big resecption set tables and had a big Hot supper. that was the coustom those days and they got a lovley lot of presidnts -- I better go back.

Uncle Alf and Aunt Ell went to school down west in the 3 log room house that stood on the corner for years. It was owned by B.A. Hendricks last. their was where they held school the teacher was James Brimbage, they had to go to school with out shoes and walk a mile and a half. she told me that one day they were all to go down on Bear river, they all had to walk down to the river and then have a program then all that wanted to go out on the river in a boat could go for a ride, then when they walked back they were to have a dance in the school house for the children. Uncle Alf & Aunt Ell couldent stand to dance on that bare floor with bear feet so when they got the chance they run all the way home and sure did some crying when they got home. Aunt Mint had shoes but the other two children dident have any.

Aunt Ell is 11 years older than me, she used to tend me when I was a baby, when I was about 1 year old we used to sit out on the door step and watch the clouds role by they were so pertty and a lot of them nothing else to do.

When they were married they lived in Aunt Mandy Sockes house first and Uncle Edd worked for Brigham Pond for 50 cents per day. The next spring they took up a place at Bancroft, and their first baby was born that fall 15 Nov 1895 named Reeta Loy. Uncle Albert Blair & Aunt Rachel lived up there was the reason they decided to go up there to get a place.

2 Sept 1897 Edna Afton was born. Aunt Ell was at Grandma Rawlins when Edna was six weeks old Uncle Edd left for a mission to the Southern States, Aunt Ell lived at Grandfathers Rawlins while Uncle Edd was gone which was two years. He came home the day before Reeta was 4 years old. While Uncle Edd was gone Grandma Stocks had Aunt Ell sew for her girls, at that time she did not know much about it but with Grandma Stockes incouraging her and getting anything she wanted she learned a lot. she gives Grandma Stocks credit for a lot she knows about sewing. Reeta can remember the swing they made near the house for the little kids. Uncle Alf, used to swing Reeta a lot, she remembeers hearing him say he couldent ever get her to say she had enough.

The summer after Uncle Edd came home they moved to Fairview Idaho, and worked for Will Keer, they must have worked for him a couple of years before they come back to Lewiston and bought a home a house and lot.

Adrin Dawson was born there 20 March 1901 and was named for Uncle Edd's 2 first missionary companions, Adrin Wilcox and William Dawson.

When Adrin was about a year old he took awful sick with intermiting fever something like typhoid fever. Clayton Hogan Had it the same time. Aunt Minta was at Aunt Ell's place it was the time that Uncle Goudy A Hogan was on his mission. Uncle Edd was up to the Carabo Mine working with Uncle Wall Stocks. he had a feeling something was wrong at home so got a horse and started home he never stopped day or night untill he got home just traded horses and kept coming. Uncle Joe W. Leavitt and someone else came and adminstered to him and the fever left him right then.

Next spring Uncle Edd was working up at 9 mile and we all stayed to Grandfather Stockes, and another baby girl was born their Ella May on 22 May 1903. she was sure a sweet baby one of the best babies Aunt Ell ever had.

The next year Uncle Edd and Authur Allen rented the Place known as the Low Place they only lived their one summer, then they moved back home.

Early that fall Uncle Edd had (quinzy) so bad he was unable to help harvest the beets they had planted on the Low place. This same fall Uncle Edd bought or rented and went to work in the Bucher shop.

On Dec 12 1904 Erma Arminta was born on Uncle Edd & Aunt Ells 10th Wedding Annversity When Erma was 3 months old they all got small Pox. Aunt Ell and Uncle Edd had it first and were very sick. Swen Hutteball had just started working for Uncle Edd. Swen ran the deleviry Wagon for the Butcher Shop, but he was quarenteened in With all the family. Swen was bout 15 years old then But knew how to Cook a little so he took over the cooking until Aunt Ell was able to be up. she got up to soon and had a backset.

When Uncle Edd was better he got fumated and got let out. the rest were in a long time.

Several girls come over to Aunt Ells so their folks wouldent be quarentemed in Fern Rawlins, the Mower girls, Cora Allen, Nana Hogan, and one or two more. While they were all locked in they tore the paper of the walls and got the house ready to repaper. When they started to build the Sugar Factory Uncle Edd was put in town Marshall and Aunt Ell spent many nights worrying because there was an awful rough element to try and controle. We can all remember the 2 automatic pistels over the Door and his billy club that was all he ever carried with him Aunt Ell always saying now do be careful Edd and him saying their is nothing to worry about.

Angus Authur was born 5 May 1906 the year that Uncle Edd and Authur Allen started talking about Idaho. that winter they went up to look around and bought places across the road from each other north of Sugar City and in March 1907 they loaded all there belongings in a box cars and we moved to Idaho. Aunt Ell had never been away from home before and after awhile she got Pretty homesick Uncle Edd said she could come back once a year and for awhile she done just that.

They had a big place they Planted grain and hay. That summer Aunt Mint and Aunt Eva came up. that fall 13 Sept 1907 Wallace Rawlins was born. the children had to go 4 miles to school. Adrin started to school that fall. their was Reeta, Edna, Adrin, with Edgar and Leah Allen. they went with a horse and buggy and in the Winter with a Cutter to north Salem School. But went to Wilford to Sunday school. the next spring the children got the measles and were veery sick. Athney Blair Julous Allen & Bill Stocks all moved up to Idaho. Aunt Ell wasent very well that summer & hired a woman to come and do some sewing that was the only sewing she ever had done for her while she raised her children. Edwin Ray was born 16 Feb 1909. while Aunt Ell was still in bed, Wallace had Pnemonia he was awful sick Mel Baker went to Teton for Aunt Rett Rawlins. she came and stayed quite a few days and all of the neighbors were mighty good at that time. Edna had a very bad attack of apendicits while Aunt Ell was still in Bed. she got over it with out an operation at that time but a few weeks later Uncle Edd took her to Logan and left her with Grandma Stocks and in June she was operated on.

The fall of 1909 Uncle Edd sold their place and bought a house and lot in Welford and the children went to school there. The next 2 years Uncle Edd farmed at Ore rented from Joe Kerr. They lived up there during the summer and back to Wilford so the children could go to school. Alta Maurine was born at Wilford 1 May 1912. Uncle Edd was working for Roy Graham and coming home nights he and Aunt Emma Stocks named (Alta) Aunt Ell said she had nothing to do with the naming of Alta.

That fall they moved to Parker just the winter there and the next spring they and Julious Allen folks moved up to Bowerman their most of it was planted to wheat. they farmed a school section. they made good that year. the next year Wayne Harvey was born 28 April 1914, that fall Uncle Edd bought some lots in Newdale Idaho. they had just built the railroad through made a loop from Idaho Falls to reach the wheat farmers. That winter Uncel Edd and Anthony Blair built Uncle Edds house and that winter Edna got married in 25 Nov 1914. their was so much to do that it kept all of them busy. They moved in to their new house on Uncle Edds Birthday 1 Feb 1915 Uncle Edd got some State land, to farm right above them, and for a few years made quite a lot of money, one year later Jan 25 l916 Aunt Ells last baby was born. they all had a hand in naming him and loving him too he only stayed with them one year, Clendon Moroni

Reeta was married on 24 Jan 1917, and the baby Clendon died Feb 17 with measles and Pnemonia. The folks lived in Newdale for several years and there Uncle Edd signed some notes for his Friend and lost his home. things never went so good after that.

Nel Baker went up to Idaho and lived with them till he got married he was always very good to all the children and especial to Aunt Ell. Uncle Edd left his family for a long time then he got a devorise and married another woman he died 1 Jan 1941 in Idaho Falls Hospital and was burried Rigby Idaho.

By Eulalie Taggart

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