Will of Samuel Ritchie and Ann Anderson

We Samuel Ritchie Watchman An Forfor and Ann Anderson Spouse considering that there are no children of our marriage and that we are ancious to settle our affairs so as to prevent all dispute theresnent after our death and to provide for the comfort of the surviver of us. Therefor I the said Samuel Ritchie do hereby in the event of my of my said wife surviving me legate and bequeathe to her the whole stock in trade goods and gear debts and sums of money, house furniture and other moveables whatsoever that may pertain or be resting owing to me at the time of my death with the whole vouchers and instructions thereof and all that has followed or is competent to follow thereon. For the which causes and on the other part. I the said Ann Anderson do hearby in the event of the said Samuel Ritchie my husband surviving me legate and bequeathe to him all house furnature bed and bedding cloth cut and uncut and all debts and sums of money with all other moveable subjects that may belong to me at the time of my death.

With power to the surviver of us the said Samuel Ritchie and Ann Anderson to intormet with the hail means and Estdte before converted and if necessary to prosecute for the same and to grant discharges which shall be sufficient to all concerned. And the surviver of us hereby appointed the executor or executrex of the first dececser. But it is decleared that the surviver shall be bound to paythe debts of the first deceaser including deathbed and funeral expences. Reserving to us full power during our joint lives to alter or revoke thes presents in whole or in part. But declaring that the same so far as not revoked or altered by us shall be valed deed weather found in our in our custody or in that of eny person to whome we may entrust the same document at the time of our death.

With the delivery whereof we have dispensed dispense for ever. And the consent to the registration hereof in the Books of council and sessions or others competent for preservation and thereto constitute.

Our procurators In Witness whereof these presents written on the face of a sheet of paper William Fife apprentice to Patrick Meffan Writer in Forfor are subscribed by us at Forfor the twenty eight day of June on thousand eight hundred and thirty seven years, before these witneses the said Patrick Miffan and William Fife.

Pat Meffan Witness Signed Sam Ritchie
Will Fife Witness Ann Anderson

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