Samuel LaFayette Rawlins

(Scanned May 17, 1997 by S. L. Rawlins from a copy provided by Julia Rawlins.)

A sketch of Samuel Lafayette Rawlins, born 17 July 1854 in Draper, Ut. When 9 years his parents vent to Sanpete in 1863. They went from here to Richmond in 1865 and in 1871 went to Lewiston to make a home for them all. Here he grew up and his brother Harvey M. Jr. homesteaded the land the boys helped to work it. So he gave his brother Sam and Frank 40 acres apiece and here he had a home when he married Elizabeth Van Orden the 16 Feb. 1880. They moved to Star Valley Wyo. They had a very nice home but not contented, he left and went to Canada in 1895. While there he was councilor to the Bishop in the ward where he lived.

He also contracted a very bad case of Rheumatism--was so bad he could not stand to be touched. They turned in bed with sheets. He was not able to get in and out of the wagon when they left Canada. They stayed 2 years up there then came down into Montana and spent a year. Then to Ora, Idaho, then to Taylor, Idaho, then came down to Cornish, Utah, then over to Preston, Idaho. In the fall of 1908 he for Baulster Peterson and lived on one of his farms. In 1910 he came back to Lewiston, Utah, built a small house just south of his fathers home. They sold him 5 acres of land. He stayed there for a while. Then his wife's father was alone and he gave them his home if they would come and live with him and take care of him till he died. So they did live there until Aunt Elizabeth died on the 31 March 1917. He then sold his home and went to Bancroft, Idaho to live with his children that lived up there. He spent some of his time in Lewiston with his brothers and sisters as he was very miserable. He was in Bancroft, Idaho where he died the 29 Oct. 1923. Funeral services were conducted at the First Ward Church house at Lewiston, Utah. Bishop A. William Hyer conducted. Singing by the choir, "Mid Scenes of Confusion."

Prayer, Samuel F. Wiser, song by choir "Wanted on the Other Side". Speakers; Peter E. VanOrden, J. J Stewart of Logan, a vocal duet by Rachel Harrison and Eff ie Villett, "That Beautiful Land". Other Speakers were Brigham A. Hendricks William Waddoups, and closing remarks by A. William Hyer. The choir sang "The Resurrection Day." Prayer by J. H. Stocks.

Interment in the Lewiston Cemetery

Samuel Lafayette Rawlins by Velma Rawlins

I was born and grew up in Auburn Wyoming, Star Val ley, so I came to know of the man, Samuel Rawlins for whom the Rawlins Slough was named. It is a clear, slow moving large stream of water which runs through his farmer property just about « mile east of the center settlement of Auburn on the road east to Grover.

One of the deciding factor about moving out of the valley was losing their stock for lack of feed when their haystacks were burned by children starting fires, So I was told.

There is one baby buried in the Auburn Cemetery which belongs to Samuel Rawlins (Edith Elva). There is also one of Sam's sisters Pennina Jane and Leavitt's baby is buried there (Harvey Mario). Anyway there are three little graves that we do riot have names for and there are very old rocks for markers. They are side by side as I remember.

About two years ago I read and article written by a lady of the valley who expressed her appreciation for the kindness arid friendship of Samuel Rawlins when she moved into the valley.


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