George Franklin Rawlins

These are a few things I remember about my Dad George F. Rawlins. He played in Dave Egberts harmonica band, and also in his dance band. He pitched hay with his arm in a sling, milked cows with one hand. This Was because of the complications left him from Typhoid Fever,

Also his hair came out and when it grew back it had lost its curl and was white, his left hand was left stiff and he could no longer play the clarinet

When Mother would go to Salt Lake to see her sisters Dad was left with the cooking, and the meal consisted mostly of milk gravy and bread.

One of the foods Dad loved was oyster stew but every time he ate it, it made him sick acted like a posion, Mother only cooked oyster stew when he wasn't home to eat with us.

He loved to ride in the car and see different places. Reginald had a Chevrolet With knee action, he would get sea sick watching the front end move up and down, Dad never learned to drive a car. One day I tried. to teach him to drive, he had no trouble working the gears but could not steer it. We drove around the block, as we came to the corner where the old dump was he couldn't make the turn, I had to take the wheel and we went down in the bar pit he got out of the car and I had to drive us home. I could never get him to try to drive again.

He said that working on books for the Church helped him to get bookkeeping jobs for the City, Bank, Sugar Co. and Irrigation Company.

He used to ride a bicycle when He worked for the Sugar Company, some time a man by the name of Milo Wheeler would pick him up on his Motor Cycle. One day on their way home they hit a dog and they both got skinned up. Dads dinner bucket was so bent up he kept it to remind him not to ride with Milo any more.

One day as he came out of his office, John Poulsen was parked on the south side of the Bank in his new car, he asked Dad if he could give him a ride home, as they left to go John , not being used to the car put it in 1st gear instead of reverse as the car went forward he got excited and stepped on the gas peddle instead of the brake, they ran into the Bank smashirig up the new car. Dad said after this he thought it better to walk home.

Reginald and I used to load the hay on the wagon while he drove the team of horses, it was always a pleasure to work with him, he never got angry when things would go wrong.

Charles F. Rawlins

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