"Alf" & Cora Rawlins Family

Arial RAWLINS & Dorothy LAST
Owen Woodruff & RAWLINS Velma WALTON
Horace Burbank RAWLINS & Arvilla HOUSLEY
Howard Frost RAWLINS & Arlie Matkin BODILY
Reed LeGrand RAWLINS & Ethel Ora SCOTT
Lindsay Marcus RAWLINS & Julia WHITNEY


Jasper Alfonzo Rawlins Life story by Ethel Rawlins
Jasper Alfonzo Rawlins Life story by Mae Rawlins Jorgensen
Tribute to Jasper Alfonzo Rawlins by Mary Ann Rawlins
Alf Rawlins photo as a young man
Alf Rawlins, Writing on back of picture of
Jasper Alfonzo Rawlins wedding
Jasper Alfonzo Rawlins Portrait (color)
Jasper Alfonzo Rawlins Portrait (young man)
Alf & Cora Rawlins wedding photograph
Cora May Burbank Rawlins History by Mae Rawlins Jorgensen
Cora May Burbank Rawlins Funeral Services
Cora May Burbank - child (?)
Cora May Burbank wedding picture
Cora May (in back) always had a hat. One of her primary classes
Cora May Portrait
Jasper Alfonzo Rawlins and Cora May Burbank Life Stories by Lindsay Marcus Rawlins
Jasper Alfonzo Rawlins and Cora May Burbank Marriage certificate
Family Portrait 1914. Back: Cora, Reed (baby) Horace, Aerial, Alf, Mae; Front: Howard, Owen
Aerial, Owen, Horace and Howard (on bear skin) about 1910
Back row: Cora Rawlins, Aerial, Owen, Alf, Horace. Front row: Howard, Reed, Mae
Rawlins Children at Jim Knopf and Helen Rawlins Wedding: Back row: Horace, Howard, Reed, Lindsay. Front row: Aerial, Mae, Owen. This is the last picture taken of all of them.
Back row: Reed, Mae, Lindsay. Front row: Horace, Aerial
Jasper Alfonzo and sons: Howard, Lindsay, Horace, Aerial, Owen, Reed
Alf's boys - short to tall
Favorite horses at Lewiston farm
Owen, Horace (infant) and Aerial
Alf and his children
Jasper and Cora and family in snow
North Cache High School, Richmond, UT
Owen (on hay stack), Mae and Horace
Aerial, Owen and Horace (as a baby)
Nephi Rogers , Alf, Mae, Lindsay, Howard, Reed (in front), Horace, Owen
Portrait of Aerial and Owen (as a baby)
Vi (Harvey Jr.'s daughter) and Owen with BIG dog
Donna Mae, Owen and Mae at Lewiston home (during Bruce's visit)
Alf, Cora, George and Fairbanks at picnic
Group photo - Bruce and Bonnie's visit to Lindsay's (early '55?)
Legend of Group photo - Bruce and Bonnie's visit to Lindsay's (early '55?)
Arvilla, Horace, Dorothy and Aerial (50th Wedding?)


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