I have copied as close I can read what he wrote and in some cases put in brackets what I think he intended. I only tried to correct spelling when needed to understand his intention. He doesn't list a year but it's 1924 ABR)

Jan 19

Arrived in Chicago A.M. Visited Marshel & Field store and Field Mesuim (Museum). And went to the Chicago Theather (Theater) late in the After Noon, with Elder Grant as leader. After the show took the elevated for Logan Square, And Jarmon And Myself went to our room. At Mrs. Lowery's a Widow.

Jan 20 Sun

Went to Sunday School and met Willis Hendricks from Richmond. After Sunday School, Priesthood Meeting was held in the basement of the Chapel.

In the afternoon an Elders Meeting was held And we new Elders had to talk. After sacrament Meeting that evening. went to the room and listened on the radio.

Jan 21 Mom.

Elder Jarmon Spillberg and My self visited the Art building. Then went to the Mejestic Theather. Came back to the Mission off and pres. John H. Taylor set we Elders to our defferent field's of labor. Elder Jarmon to So. Ill., Spillbery. Chicago.Ludwick, Minn. Rice Mich. Sr. Nelson Chicago & Elder Hawldsen to No. Indiana.

That Night Elder Jarmon and My self Visited Sister Hasrly one of his Bro. Converts and a friend of the family.

Jan 22 Tue.

Elder Harbldsen And My self seen Elder Rice off after getting Our Eeaster Clegery's. Then Elder Harodsen,(Haroldsen- this is the man Dad later worked for in Idaho Falls) & and My self went down to the Union stock yards. Went threw Swift & Co and Libbies packing houses.

We the got a fish dinner at a Cafie and then went back home , And packed Our belongings. Mrs. Lower left fer Ohio to see her sick sister And left the house in My Charge. I listen in on radio until I went to sleep. Then I went to bed.

Jan 23 Wed.

We left Chicago for Anderson Ind. 9.30 A.M. And arrived 2.30 P.M. The Elders Meet us at the station And helped us lug our luggage to the Elders room. Elder Steel And Dunant went tracting and Elder Harten pres. Nash and Elder Haustsen and Myself, went and had dinner. That Night went to Sister Shy's to Bible Class And Elder Harten stayed Over night with them.

Jan 24 Thur. Anderson

We got up rather early had breakfast and went up to the Elders Room Had a word of Prayer and went Out tracting with Elder Harten. And I never shook so much in My life. After Dinner went Out with Elder Steel it began to storm so paid a Visit to an invistigator And had a warm discussion. We eat supper at a slop joint went down to Sis Littles to spend the evening. At 9.30 PM. Elder Harten went down to Mc Crtys and stayed all Night.

Jan 25 Fri. Anderson

We were up rather early had breakfast with Bro. & Sr. Mc Craty. Helped do the dishes and then went to the Elders room. After prayer pres. Nash, Elders Dunant Hordsen myself went to McCratys to press our close (clothes).

We had a fine dinner and went back to the room packed up My things & went to Muncie. And went down to Ramsey's and held a Book of Mormon class Elder Dunant taking charge. That Night Elder Horten And I sleep a Bro, Schnmans. He had fell off his bike & hurt his leg.

Jan 26 Sat. Muncie & Ft. Wayne

Bro. Schunman got us up 5AM. He us a splindid breakfast and Elder Harten helped take out the ashes. We then went to the public libeary and studied until 4.30. I then took the Nickle Plate to Fort Wayne Arriving at 7 P.M. I Missing the Brethern took the Calhaus Car to the 2200 block, Found the Elders room. They Missing Me went down to Holdens for their laundery. And when they Came to the room I was trying to keep warm by a hole in the wall.

Jan 27 Sun. Fort Wayne

Rolled out of bed at 8A.M washed up and went Out a got breakfast. Came back to the room had prayer and went to the Keenan hotel to keep warm And study. We got in style and had dinner an the Hotel Cafe. And it Cost a fortune for a smell. That evening we went down to Sr. Holdens to hold a meeting and No body come and I sure was glad. Elder Mangleson stayed with Holden.

Jan 28 Mon. Ft. Wayne

Arose 7.30 from Our bed dressed eat at the Cafe. Came back to the room and studied for a while. Then went tracting with Elder Ohay. And got back to the room 11.30

It began to rain so we so I done some studying. The rain made evey thing slick and Elder Mangleson & Myself fell down going to supper. Elder Mangleson and Myself went down to Crist for a visit. Thies people are investigators. We feel down again comming home. Elder Olray stayed at Holdens.

Jan 29 Tues. Ft. Wayne

After dressing and going Out for breakfast I went tracting with Elder Ohay again And I loaned my first Book of Mormon.

After dinner I went Out tracting with Elder Mangleson And got our ears chews off by an Old lady.

Jan 30 Wed. Ft. Wayne

After breakfast Elder Ohay And Myself went tracting And never got An Answer from Any of the homes Visited. In the Afternoon we went out to Visit Sister Bolte, but found No one home. That evening we Visited Soderquists a family of investigators on 1135 Eliza Street.

Jan 31 Thur. Ft. Wayne

Arose at 8.00 A.M. cleaned up and went tracting about 10.30 A.M. Elder Ohay started me out on West Williams Street. And after he left. I loaned one book Making three in all.

I was sick in the Afternoon but went with the Other Brethern to visit A saint but no one was home. Going back to the room And studying, we held a Bible Class at Stiuts, a family of investigators. My lungs sure are sore to Night. I can't hardly breath.

Feb 1 Fri Ft. Wayne

Went tracting alone this Morning And loaned three Book of Mormons, and was back to the room by 11.00 A.M. After dinner I went to 15 homes and only four Answered. I never loaned Any Books. Elder Mangleson had a hot discussion with a Man that didn't know his stuff.

Feb 2 Sat. Ft. Wayne

Saturday Morning the Elders holiday. It being bad Weather we stayed in and done a little studying.

After dinner we went to Strand Theater And saw the drama "Our Friendly Enimies" and it sure was grate. We eat supper in town and then Came to the room And wrote letters to My loved Ones at home. And read until My eyes would Not stay opend then went to bed and was soon in the land of sweet dreams.

Feb 3 Sun. Ft. Wayne

Sunday and we fasted it being the first Sunday of the Month. We spent the day at the Keenen Hotel again. AT 5.00pm we eat And then went down to Sister Holdens, And would have held a Meeting but no one Came. In looking Over he Name Cards I found Orsen Hyer. She Meet him in Ill. And her name at that time was Ellis. Elder Ohay stayed Over Nigh with Holdens.

Feb 4 Mon. Ft.Wayne

Elder Mangleson arose at 6.45A.M. Cleaned up and went out for breakfast And read that Ex- President wilson was dead. When we Arrived at the room Elder Ohay was their And in the mail Elder Mangleson got his relise. He didn't know which foot to put down Next. I got a letter from Father and Mother and Walter. While in town got a cramp in My right leg and could hardly walk.

Feb 5 Tues. Ft. Wayne

Three of us sleep in one bed. Got up at 3 AM; and took a train to Montpieler, Ohio. layed over four hours and then took the train to Eden Ohio. Hear Bro Dalley Meet us. And the roads were so slick the Ford had a hard time keeping right end in front.

Sister Dalley is an old friend of Sister Champin they lived neighbors before she went to Utah. Brother Dalley at one time was Very bitter against the Church, but Now he can't do enough for we elders. Sister Dalley and one daughter are members.

Feb 6 Wed Alvaridia

We stayed Over Night at Dalleys. And Our train Never left until 5pm. We sure had a good Visit. And I sure enjoyed the Meals And I eat enough to last Me for a while too.

Our train was 45 Minutes late, And when we got in Montpieler the other train was late so it Made things all right But we Neve got Ft. Wayne until 10PM. Pres. Nash And Elder Haroldsen left their traveling bags at our room. We read Our Mail and went to bed.

Feb 7 Thurs. Ft. Wayne

Pres. Nash and Elder Holderson Came last Night and stayed at Sister Holdens. And came up to Our room this Morning. I went tracting with Elder Mangleson and got hered (?) in his books. In the Afternoon we all went in town ivting (wanting) to go to the Auto Show, but we never had the price. Elder Mangleson went to the desttist (dentist) shop and we loafed in the Court house until 6p.M. we then eat supper Went to the room then Over to Stouts And held a Bible Class. Pres Nash Elder Mangleson My self went Holdens

Feb 8 Fri Ft. Wayne

Well this Morning we were advised to hunt Another room Elder Mangleson And My self gathered up 6 Books this fve (fore) Noon.

After dinner we went all over the City after a book and then dident find it. We then went Over to Sister Holdens to give her a letter that Came to the room. The Brethern Meet us at the Court house, then to supper And the palace Theater, And seen a real good show. The small ones went down to Holdens for the Night.

Feb 9 Sat. Ft.Wayne

Elder Ohay And Myself walked 20 squares trying to find another room but was un successful. At 12 A.M. we Meet the Other brethern at the Court House. From there Elder Mangleson And Myself went to Holdens and pussed up a.....And urre (wore) a pair of Brother Holden 40 sizes to....

That evening Pres. Nash And My self took a shower at the Y. M. C. A. Seen a basketball game and went to Holdens to sleep.

Feb 10 Sun. Ft. Wayne

We meet the Other two Bretern at the room and Elder Mangleson began a pack up. To go East And then home. At 1.30 we all went to the Anthony Hotel until 6.00 P.M. And we all went to Holdens and held a testemony Meeting And each one baun (bore) their testemony. And the spirit of the Lord was with us.

After Meeting Sister Holden gave a fuiwell (farewell) supper for the leaving Brethern. The same three stayed their again.

Feb 11 Mom Ft. Wayne

We three elders Meet the Brethern at the Nickle Plate station. And Pres. Nash and Elder Haroldsen left for Anderson. We then went to the room Elder Mangleson Visited A Saint And Elder Ohay found a new room. The three of us Visited Stouts and Soderquist. At 1.30 it began to snow and sure Came down. Elder Mangleson stayed to Sr. Holdens for supper and elder Ohay &Me Meet him at the penn station at 2pm. Bro Soderquist Moved us to Our New room 325 W. De Wald St.

Feb 12 Tues. Ft. Wayne

Arose refreshed this morning. We left the room 9.30 went to post Offices and put in a change of adress. We parted at williams street where I began tracting by 11.30 loaned one book. Had dinner And Meet Elder Ohay at the room. It be Lincolns birthday we spent the Afternoon at the Place (Palace) Theather. From their to Supper, Went to room got our laundery and took It to Sister Holdens

We got back to the room 10.30 P.M. And went to bed.

Feb 13 Wed. Ft.Wayne

Arose from my bed 6.45A.M. washed up and studied until 9.45. Then went tracting on Williams St. And put Out One book 11.30 eat dinner and Meet Elder Ohay at the room.

At 3pm we Visited Sr. Bult a German Member and Cant talk Very good English. Came back to room at 5 P.M. And left 6.30 to pay Soderquist a visit.

Feb 14 Thur.Ft.Wayne

Went tracting again as usual this morning. I loaned three book and wished I had More.I received a Valintine fro Dorothy. This afternoon went to Stouts but no one was home. We then went to Visit Another lady and she also was gone. So we gathered a book from a Catholic lady that didnet belive in reading the Bible. We eat supper at 6pm.and went over to Stouts and held a Bible class with just them. No body else came.

Feb 15 Fri Ft. Wayne

Elder Ohays birthday today And it seams No different than Any other day. I finished tracting Williams street and loanedOne Book of Mormon and gave one Lehona away.

This afternoon we went to see Bro. Holden. He had slipped on some ice and threw his hip out. And was in a serious condition. But the best of all sister Holden gave us a fish supper. We got back to the room at 10.30 and went to bed.

Feb 16 Sat Ft. Wayne

I arose refreshed this Morning, And it being Saturday we Made Out Our reports and wrote letters. At 11.30 A.M. we eat dinner and went to the libery until the Strand Theather opened The show this afternoon was pollyanna And it sure was great. After the show eat supper And went down to Holdens for our laundery. Brother Holden seamed better than the prevous night.

Feb 17 Sun. Ft Wayne

Got up about 8A.M. studied until 2 PM. Then Elder Ohay and Myself went to the Keenen Hotel And stayed their until about 5PM We then eat supper and went down to Sister Holdens to hold a meeting And No one Came. So we helped Brother Holden fix a trap with eletric to catch cats. Sr. Holden gave Me all the fish I Could eat And it sure was good. We got back to Our room 10.30 P.M. and went straight to bed.

Feb 18 Mon Ft. Wayne

Arose 8PM (am.)Cleaned up And went Out tracting 9.45. I had rather tough luck this Morning went to eleven homes And gave Out three pamplets. May (my) money Came And had Bro. Stout Sign it in the bank. It being cold we took our washing down to Sister Holdens Bro.Holden was soon (some) what better. We had a word of prayer And got back to the room 9.30 PM.

Feb 19 Tues. Ft. Wayne

I went tracting at A.M. And it sure was cold. At 10 A.M. it begun to snow and never let up until long in the Night. I stayed in the room and read. But Elder d ininntation (invitation) out so he done some visiting. For supper I went down to the Bake shop and got a pie and some Orenges And eat them in the room. It wasn't long until I went to bed and was off to the land of sweet dreams.

Feb 20 Wed. Ft Wayne

UP and was ready for work at 9.45 A.M. I loaned My first Book of Mormon this week, And left a Lehona at the first house I called to. I went for dinner At 11.30 A.M. The weather being Very stormy, we went to the Strand Theather. The drama was. " The Girl With Out A Chance'

I Visited Souls to Night, Elder Ohay being sick, And I got back to the room 10 pM.

Feb 21 Thurs. Ft Wayne

The same old thing, went tracting again And loaned two Books of Mormon. After dinner I got My hair cut And Meet Elder Ohay at libeary.

Then we went down to Sister Holdens and she gave us some fresh Salmon direct from the Coast. We went down to SoderQuist to hold a Bible Class, but was unable to on account of Visitors. We meet a Mr. and Mrs Fisher who had known the former Elders.

Feb 22 Fri Ft. Wayne

Today Washintons birth day and a holiday. Elder Ohay and I went to The Anthony Hotel and wrote letters until noon. We eat dinner and then went to the libary until 11.30. The palace theather opened and we went to the show.

After the show eat supper and bought some rolls. went to the room and was under the blankets at 8.30 PM. Some day Eh !!

Feb 23 Sat Ft. Wayne

To day being Saturday we stayed in the room until noon making out reports and writing letters. I eat breakfast at 12.30 A M (pm.), and then Went to show to pass away the time. At 4 P.M I got My suit from the dry cleaners. And then Elder Ohay and I went down to Sister Holdens for our laundery. We got back to the room at 10.30pm.

Feb 24 Sun Ft Wayne

Fast Sunday And Elder Ohay And My self sleep Over time. Elder Ohay Called up Stouts And Soderquist asking them to Come to Meeting. Bro. Soderquist baby had the Measels. But ask us to come down Tuesday Night for supper. We eat dinner in town and it cost 60 cents and Neve (never) got anything eather. At Sr. Holdens we Meet her daughter & husband. Stouts took us home & the door was locked and we had to go down to Holdens and Stay one Night.

Feb 25 Mon Ft. Wayne

WE eat breakfast at 6.30 A.M. And Bro. Holden went to work and we Visited Sr. Holden until 8.30. On the way to the room stoped at the bank And Elder Ohay give the land lady a bit of his Mind. I second tracted this fore noon.

And after noon I went first tracting And loaned three Books. This evening we took Our washing down to Sister Holdens. Bro Holden had Come home sick and wasent Much better when we left to go home.

Feb 26 Tues. Ft. Wayne

We eat breakfast in the room this morning. Went tracting this morning. Went tracting at 10 A.M. And tracted again in the after Noon. At 4 PM we went to Soderquist for Supper He (her) sister was their, she had just been deversed (divorced) from her husband. We visited rather late to Nigh (night) But I guss the Lord Well foregive us.

Feb 27 Wed Ft Wayne

Eat breakfast Again in the room and went tracting at 10 A.M.and eat dinner and was at the room at 12 A.M. (pm.). This after Noon we went to the Strand Theather And seen the last play of the Shermon Stock Co.

After supper we Visited Holdens to see how they were.

Feb 29 Thur Ft Wayne

I finished on West Creation Ave this fore Noon and sure wqs .... ( page stuck) of it. I eat dinner and was back to the roon at 12.20 Elder Ohay and I visited .... to see how .... was getting .... We then went Holdens for ...washing and would have stayed for supper but had to be to Bibl Class at Stouts And get ready to go to Muncie fo Conference. Bro & Sr. Holden Cane Out to Class and it sure was a good One.

Mar 1 Sat Muncie

Bro Shinman got us out at 5AM. We had a nice breakfast. We Meet the two C.P. at Ourcutts. Also Pres. Taylor. WE then went back to Bro Shinmans & Meet the other Brethern. We then went down to the libary. at 12 we eat dinner And then went to the Red Men Hall. The Missionarie bore their testimonys & Pres. Taylor talk to us a few hours. after Meeting had supper. and went to the Star Theather. We seperated then for different places to stay. Four of us stayed to Willies. He had just got his wife.

Mar 2 Sun Muncie

Elders Ohay & Engilsteall got up earley to Meet a train. And Elder Barlow eat breakfast and went up to the hall and Visited with the people until Meeting time which began at 10 and let out at 12. Lunch was served at the hall. The After Noon Meeting began at 2 and I had to talk. After meeting lunch was served and the last Meeting held at 7 pm. Elder Ohay and myself stayed down to Bro. Steveans. And got an expouser to small pox.

Mar 3 Mon Muncie

And all is well. Elder Ohay and I meet the other brethern at the Lireary. We all went to the station and bid pres. Nash farewell for home. By noon all of the Elders were gone by (but) Elder Ohay and I. And after dinner Elder Ohay, Englsteael, Barlow and My sef went to a show. At 4p PM our train left for Fort Wayne and Arrived at 7 PM> We then had supper And went to Our room and went to bed.

Mar 4 Tues Ft Wayne

When I arose this Morning it was raining And could not go tracting. So went to see docter about being Victinated (vacinated).and he told me not to. Elder Ohay and I went to the room and studied until 2 P.M., eat dinner and went down to Sr. Holdens And she gave us Another good fish supper.

Mar 5 Wed Ft Wayne

Was out of bed by 7.30 A.M. Studied until Nine A.M. And went second tracting on Williams street which I finished in the after Noon bit two houses I run Out of tracts. Elder Ohay and I Visited Bro. and Sr. Stout this evening. And I sure was a sick Negger in the Night.

Mar 6 Thur Ft Wayne

I was some better this Morning. And I stayed in the room to play safe. In the After Noon went tracting for an hour and the storm drove Me in.

We held Bible Class at Soderquist, Bro & Sr. Stout Came and we held a splendid Meeting. Elder Ohays nose began to bleed And I finished the class. The spirit of the Lord sure was With us. Bro. Stout brought us back to the room after Class.

Mar 7 Fri Ft Wayne

I eat breakfast in the room this Morning. The weather would Not permit us to go tracting so we stayed in the room until Noon. Went Out and eat dinner . And went to the libeary. At 1.30 Elder Ohay and My self went to the Strand Theather. After the show eat supper and went home.

Mar 8 Sat Ft Wayne

Went tracting this Morning And had a Very good Conversation on the princaples of the Gosple with a lady.

At 11.40 I eat dinner And Made Out My report to pres Hart and the Mission offices Elder. Ohay and I went to the palace Theather And then to sister Holdens where we had a Nice Visit.

Mar 9 Sun Ft Wayne

After eating breakfast Elder Ohay and I went for a walk. got back to the room 10.A.M. I read then until 12.30, and went to the Liebray. At 5 A.M. (pm.) we eat supper And went down to Holdens to hold a Meeting And No one Came. I Meet Bro. Holdens son and Wife.

Mar 10 Mon Ft Wayne

It started to snow last Night And still snowing this Morning Elder Ohay and I went up town. He went the Hotel and I went to the libeary.

At Noon we eat dinner And went to a show at the palace Theather.

At 5 PM we eat again. Came to our room paid Our dues And took Our wash down to Sister Holdens.

Mar 11 Tues. Ft Wayne

Got up at 7A.M. and studied until 10 A.M. And then went tracting until Noon. I eat dinner and Came to the room. At 2 P.M. went tracting again until four, I loaned one book in all day. The snow Melte quit fast to Make room for more. We stayed home to Night.

Mar 12 Wed Ft Wayne

Left the room to go tracting at quarter to ten. I tracted Anintive street And put out One Book of Mormon.

This After Noon Elder Ohay and I went to Visit Sister Bolt, but she wasent home, so we came home and read until 6 P.M. We eat supper and Visited Soderquist for about three hours. Came back to the room And crauled between the blankets.

Mar 13 Thurs Ft Wayne

I tracted all fore Noon put Out One Book of Mormon And talk with A.I.N.B. Student, And he gave Me an invation to call Any time.

We held Bible Class at Stouts And had a real nice discussion. I have been sick from something I had eaten.

Mar 14 Fri Ft Wayne

In tracting this Morning I couldn't loan a book. After dinner we, Elder Ohay And My self went down to Sr. Holdens And pressed My pants We had supper With them And went a Visited Bro. Holdens son. He wasent home but his wife was and we had a real Nice Visit. We went Over to Holdens And got Our laundery and went home.

Mar 15 Sat Ft Wayne

Went tracting this fore Noon Came back to room after dinner And Made Out Our reports to pres. Hart And the Mission Offices. And settled for a Window I broke last Night. Elder Ohay and I went to the palace to a show.

Mar 16 Sun Ft Wayne

When I got up it was just like spring. Elder Ohay And I eat breakfast at 9.30 and took a stroll. We got back to the room at 12 A.M. and studied until 3 PM then went to the libeary. And at 5 PM eat supper And went down to Sister Holdens to hold a Meeting. The same Old thing No body came.

Mar 17 Mon Ft Wayne

Got up early this Morning And studied A while. I put in four hard hours of tracting to day. After supper Elder Ohay and I took Our laundery down to Holdens And got back to room at 10.30 PM I got under the Covers as soon as possible.

Mar 18 Tues Ft Wayne

Looked rather stormy but we went tracting in fore noon. by Noon it was storming so we went to a show. And was unable to Visit any body. So ate supper And Came home.

Mar 19 Wed Ft Wayne

Sure was a splendid Morning spent the day in tracting in the evening Elder Ohay and I went to a Bible class of another church. And the instructer And Elder Ohay sure went around, and around.

Mar 20 Thurs Ft Wayne

An awful strong Wind was blowing so we went to the libeary. Then down to Sister Holdens And has a class with her. We Came back to town for supper and got Caught in a real snow storm going back to Holdens for a Visit.

Mar 21 Fri Ft Wayne

Still storming and we stayed in the room at noon we ate dinner in town and went to a show Named the White Sin. After the show ate.supper And came back home and studied.

Mar 22 Sat FT Wayne

We made Out Our reports And went to the libeary where i stayed about all day. Elder Ohay went back to the room. At 5.30 we ate supper and went to Holdens for our laundery.

Mar 23 Sun Ft Wayne

Looks like storm again. After eating a bite took a walk. Elder Ohay called up Soderquist and She ask us Out the adminester the baby. We stayed for dinner Bro Soderquist brought us back home. I studied for a while and went Over to Stouts and held a Meeting where I held the floor 15 Minuiutes And sweat a quart. My subject was faith.

Mar 24 Mon Ft Wayne

Good weather this Morning and in tracting put Out One Book of Mormon. I had dinner before I went to the room. In the After Noon I finished tracting Ban street. And in the evening took Our laundery to Sister Holdens

Mar 25 Tues Ft Wayne

Both of us sure put in a Miserable Night. sleep about three winks each. Looked stormy but tracted an hour And went to see if we Could Visit A Minister but was unable. I Meet Elder Ohay at the libeary, And went to the palace & seen the Hearatage of the Deacon sure was good.

No place to go so came home.

Mar 26 Wed Ft Wayne

Layed abed and Elder Ohay got up sick. I went Out tracting And put Out two Book of Mormon & was back to the room by Noon We paid Sister La Daurettis And had a nice Visit. It's stormy And Elder Ohay is sick And I guss we'll stay home to Night.

Mar 27 Thurs Ft wayne

Left room at 9.30 for work I tryed to find an address on Calhaun St. But was unable. I then done sone second tracting on W Creightion Ave. Had several good conversations.

Elder Ohay Meet a "Saint" With Am invation back

Mar 28 Fri Ft Wayne

Just like a spring Morning almost to warm for an Oreiceiate. (?) I done some second tracting with several good Conversation. We were call Out to administer to Soderquist boy Who has penionia (pneumonia) the Doctor had given him up.

Mar 29 Sat Ft Wayne

While tracting this Morning the rain drove me in. I (In) the After Noon we went Out to Visit a family by the Name of Crest but No One was home. We then stoped in at Holdens And Nothing would do but stay for supper And it sure was good. We Visited a while And Came home.

Mar 30 Ft Wayne

Made Out My Monthly reports and wrote to pres Hart And Dorothy. After dinner we took a walk Out On lake side where the river is over its banks in places. And if it keeps raising it Means a flood. At 6.30 We eat supper and went to Holdens and got Our laundery.

Mar 31 Ft Wayne

After a light breakfast we stayed in the room for a while And went down to La Fauietts for dinner. Then Over to Soderquist to see how they are And Nothing would do but what we stay for supper. Bro Soderquist took us to Stouts and before we left we administeted to Sr. Stout.

April 1 Ft Wayne

After breakfast went tracting and was invited in. The lady of the house has been in bed for eleven years When I left she asked me to call again. After dinner I got a hair Cut and bad success in tracting. My Companion is sick so I took the laundery down alone.

April 2 Ft Wayne

Four inches of snow and still snowing. I stayed in the room about all day. We Visited Crest And Came back to room after supper. And then to bed.

April 3 Ft Wayne

Elder Ohay woke up with the tooth Ache. He had it pulled out and his face was about as big as a bearel (barrel). He was quit sick so went down to Holdens. I tracted in the fore Noon And Visited Stouts in the after Noon And also stayed for supper. When I got home elder Ohay was their in bed.

April 4 Ft Wayne

Elder Ohay went to libeary until Noon And we Visited a sick lady. That has been bed fast eleven years

April 5 Ft Wayne

After a light breakfast Meet Pres. Hart at Wabash station It was a fine day so we looked part of the City over. In the After Noon we went down to Holdens where pres. Hart will stay Over Night. Went to Strand in the evening.

April 6 Ft Wayne

Fast Sunday so we stayed in the room And studied. A (at) three O Clock went down town And eat a bite. And took a walk down Columbus Ave. Then to Stouts where we held a Meeting.

April 7 Ft Wayne

Stayed in the room with pres Hart. After dinner went to a show at the palaces. And then down to Holdens for supper . Bro Holden was sick And would Not eat.

April 8 Ft Wayne

Pres.Hart And Elder Ohay went down on Brodway to find a lady & I went second tracting.

In the evening Pres and I Visited An I.N.B.S. Sure had a warm discussion.

April 9 Ft Wayne

Elder Ohay & I went tracting and Pres. Hart stayed at the room And wrote letters. We Visited Sr Bolt but she wasent home. We took some pictures and Visited Stouts in the evening.

April 10 FT Wayne

Pres Hart went tracting with Me and we loaned three B of M . After dinner we Visited Sister La Fereittet. Class at Holdens.

April 11 Ft Wayne

Preident Harts last day so we looked around this fore Noon In the after Noon the other two Brethern went down to Crest. And I went to Holdens. She was Over to the park fishing and I helped her for a while & caught two. I meet the Brethern At Soderquist and had a Nice Visit With them.

April 12 Ft Wayne

Sunday And Nothing Much to do. we ate breakfast and went to the park And Watched people fish. We held A Meeting in the evening at Stouts

April 13 Ft Wayne

We moved to 404 West Williams this Morning. The Lady had roomed Elder Parker And Hale And thought lots of them. We Visited Soderquist in the evening.

April 14 Ft Wayne

After breakfast we Moved Elder Ohays Trunk And then went second tracting. In the after Noon we Visited some investigators.

April 15 FT Wayne

Second tracting this Morning And it sure is like summer. In the After Noon we went to Soderquist And helped Make garden and had a big supper.

They took us to Visit a friend of theirs And we sure were made welcome, And asked to call again.

April 16 Ft Wayne

Sure was a wonderful day for tracting. I had several conversations but loaned no books. A rain drove Me in About 3 oclock. At 6.30 we went to Sr. Holdens to hold a Bible Class and No One Came.

April 17 Ft Wayne

Second tracted All day poor success. Elder Ohay and I eat supper at 6.30 And came back to the room And studied.

April 18 Ft Wayne

After eating A bite. Made Out My reports And went Out to dinner. we went to the pond where Bro Holden was fishing. It soon began to rain and we went home with him & had supper & Visited until late.

April 19 Ft Wayne

After a Cuuise (course) of ham & eggs we took four Mile walk. At 3.30 we went to the libeary and from their to Stouts where we held Meeting this sure was a drum easter.

April 20 Ft Wayne

Eight thirty when I rolled Out And the ground was covered With snow. I studied and wrote letters. After dinner went to the palace & seen a real show. Aftr supper took Our laundery. And it was still raining

(no more entries till June 30)

June 30 Ft Wayne

It was rather cool when I got up at 6 A.M. And packed my Breaf Cace for the Country and stired (stored) the rest of My close etc in the atic. Then went down to Sister Holdens And Ate dinner. From their went to Soderquist And said good by to them. We just started and I run into Elder Dunent and broke his front wheel. We went back and I got him another rim and spokes And we went to work and fixed it up, It was dark when we finished so we stayed their.

July 1 Columbia City, Lowell, Pierceton, Warsaw

At 5.30 we were up and when we got down stairs Mr Dawell had a fine breakfast for us. After eating we Milked the cows, and seperated the Milk. Then we got ready to leave. And when we ....(stuck page) Mrs Dawels hands.....(shook) and a ....tear came roled down her cheaks. We road until A.M. and rain run us in a barn. A lady gave us a Couple of saundries for dinner. We went in to Warsaw & got street Corner privlidges And to cold to hold a Meeting. we then went Out in the Country for a bed. A minister us in and gave us sup. bed.

July 3 N.Warsaw, Leeburg. Milford, Leeburg, Millford, Wakarusa City

We were in a upstair room of a swell farm house of..(Mr.) Boon when time to ari.. (arise) Came. We had a fine breakfast And talked until 9.30 A.M. with Mr. Boon. We tracted until 12 A.M. (pm.) And I asked for dinner. The...(first) place was busy. Our Amos Orn gave us a splendid dinner..... oice on and rode into Wasson about 5.30 and recive Our Mail. We then had to ride five Miles in the Country to where he lived. On the way I fell off Sparkey and sprained My rist. Bro. Wilson had a stroke, and he cried when he Meet us.

July 4 Wakarusa #1 R.F.D.Box 45

I Arose with a hand to big to go down My shirt sleave right good. When we got downstairs A good breakfast was wating for us. I sit Around all fore Noon like Bare with a sore head. After dinner I went down in the Bottoms & looked the dairy heards over. That Night after supper we went Over to the Neighbors & belled a Newly wedded Couple. And for All the Noise you ever heard. it was Made their ringing of bell's and etc.

July 5 Wakarusa & Elkhart

We arose at 6 A.M. And had breakfast. My had (hand) was some What better. And we talked with Bro. Wilson until 9.30. We then started for Elkhart.

We road Out about 2 Miles in the shade of a school house Made Out Our reports and wrote a letter home. We went into Town then got Our Mail and a bit to eat and road to Elkhart, which was 11 Miles Away. And rather slow with One hand. We arrived at Sister Munz at 5 PM And we stayed all Nite.

July 6 Elkhart

It was about 8 A.M. before we Arose. And it being fast Sunday we never had breakfast. We sat Around And talked until the girls Came from Sunday school at the Evangelic Church.

We all went Out to the park for a ride, came back at 2.30 and had dinner. We then went Over to Mishawok (Mishawaka) but was unable to find Sr. Richtor. We came back & went out on Middlebery (Middlebury) to Sr. Hostetter but No One was home. We went back to Munz's And stayed all night.

July 7 Elkhart Countery (County)

We slept until 8 A.M. And Sr. Munz had breakfast ready when we got dressed. We Ate And Washed the dishes, talked for a while And left for the Countery. On Our way Out we Called on Sr Hosteler but she was in the tub And Never invited us to dinner. We tracted every house & No body wanted a B of M. We eat Wild straw berries for dinner. At 5PM I stoped in a place until a rain pasd over. At 6 Meet and began to Ask for a Night lodging which we got, And Milked Cows.

July 8 Countery, Middlebury, Shipshewana

After a very Comfortable Nights rest Elder Durant helped milk. And after breakfast we preached them the gospel and went on Our way. And tracted thou (through) Middlebury. At Noon we Came to a fine farm house. And the lady sure gave us a real dinner & treated us fine. We went on And tracted all after Noon and I sold a B of M. At 6 we Meet And asked for supper. we got it and went on for a bed. Which we got at a Wm. Yoder. They went to a party And left us a lone.

July 9 Legrange, Angola

We stayed all night alone as the people went to a party. We Milked his Cows and helped was (with) breakfast dishes. We left their And tracted on to Legrange Elder Durant bought some Cards and we went on Our Way. We ask four times for dinner which we got at last. We rode to a little Creek And took a plung. And the Next house we Came to Elder Durant sold a BooK. It began rain and we Came to Ed Spade's farm.

July 10 Thurs Angola, Metz

After sleeping in a fine feather bed for 8 hours, we arose and helped With the Milking. Both of us Milk two Cows. After breakfast we had a fine talk with the people and left them a B of M. In town Elder Durant got his hair cut & I got some spokes. We then road out into the Coutery and fixed my Wheel. We rode on And stoped to a house to get a drink. The lady at one time was a reoranite and we explained the princaples of the true gosple to her. We then rode over the roughest roads in the state to Dalley's.

July 11 Fri Dally's

It was 6 A.M. when we awoke. We changed Our cloes for some Old Over Alls And shirts of Bro Dally's. After breakfast changed the wagon box to the rack. Hiched up Old Charlie and Frank And went to the field. The hay was damp so we turned some of it Over. Durant raked what was dry With Frank. By noon we had a good load & took it too the barn. We halled all after Noon and got in all that was Cut. It sure was a treat to work again.

July 12 Sat. Dally's

We sleep until 7 A.M. We then eat breakfast. And their being Nothing to be done on the farm we Made Out Our reports And wrote letters Nearly All Morning.

Bro. Dalley Cut hay On the lower place so it would be ready to hall Monday. After dinner I layed down on the Couch and read. And the next thing I knew I had been asleep. Elder Durant got the Cows in And we milked them. After supper we all went to Edon, Ohio. The hucher gave $15 away to Costern. (?)

July 13 Sun Dally's, Alvarado

We arose at 6 A.M. And milked the Cows. And seperated the Milk. Had breakfast and Elder Durant and My self went to the Alvarado M.E. Church. They were studying the Boyhood Of Christ & Elder Durant Answered Most of the questions. And in testimony Meeting we had another Chance to explain the trues (truth) to them. After dinner Bro.Dalley took us Over to Hohnilton (Hamilton) Lake where the people we (were) dancing, swimming etc. We then came back to Dalley And done the chores.

July 14 Mon Dalley's

At 6.30 A.M. we came to life. After breakfast Elder hitched the team on the rack and we went down to the hay field. We turned part of the hay With forks. Then I put Frank on the rake and raked up the hay & Elder Durant Bro Dalley pilled (piled) it. We took a load to the barn and had dinner. After dinner we went back to halling again. We got in four loads and put them in the in the barn. We again did the chores and eat supper. guess the rest.

July 15 Tues Dally's

We got just in time to see Bro Dalley bring in the Cows. We milked them, had breakfast and went to work Elder Durant & I put a load Over the Cow shed And Bro Dalley cut the remainder of his hay. We all went to halling again in the after Noon and filled the barn & loft over the Cows stable.

We did the Chores and eat supper then went down to Alvarado to a Farm Bueeuir (Bureau) Meeting. They showed a picture of dean Hardes and Harts takeing up the Case against Bovine Tuberculosis.

July 16 Wed. Dally's

After Chores were done we started on the last field of hay. The first load sliped off and we had to put it on again. Bro. Dalley stacked one little stack in the fore Noon And Elder Durant put One up in the After Noon. They both were funny things Both round. We got in six loads. We recived wire from pres. Hart for us to be in Merion by Monday July 21 so we had to deside in a hurry what to do. We took a bath And got ready to leave Next Morning 100 miles

July 17 Thurs. Dally's Ft. Wayne

We arose at 6 A.M. And Milked the Cows And seperated the Milk, then Ate breakfast. We prepared to leave for Ft. Wayne. We left at 9.30 And rode to Hamilton. We waited their for the Mail. And I got sick And we keep on riding to Waterloo then on to Garrett. I (It) sure was A hot day. At 3 P.M. we began tracting And went With in 4 Miles of Ft Wayne by 6 P.M. We then road to Sr. Holdens And she gave us some supper. We had rode all day with Out dinner.

July 18 Fri Ft. Wayne

Bro Holden gave at wor (war) Whoop at 6 A.M. An awoke us up. We dressed And eat breakfast And examined And jitney he had bought to see if it would run.

We sang all the songs in the song book And then went down to Stouts for dinner spent the After Noon And eat supper. Then we went Out to Soderquist and they took us Out to a Dr. Miles Medicine show. And some body threw rotten eggs at the Negro hand.

July 19 Sat. Ft Wayne & Marion

Sr. Holden had breakfast at 6 A.M. so we whe (woke) up early. We washed the dishes and Made Out Our reports and wrote letters until noon

After dinner we went 404 W. Williams And Visited those people for 2 hours. packed up some literture and went down to Sr. Holdens for Our (glindics) (Dad's brackets and word) went fishing until time to go catch the Car, that took us to Wabash & then to Merion.. We went to Maynards and had supper. Heard Bro Wright was burned on the T.line

July 20 Sun Marion

Elder Ohay and My self sleep Over to Hummles, we got up at 6.30 studied priesthood lesson and went Over to Maynards. From their to the hall. We held priest hood Meeting then Sunday School. Elder Durant taught the kids. We Meet the Lady Missionaries , went down to Maynards to dinner. We went Out to the park and looked around. Then went back to the hall And studied for preaching semes (sermons) And I had to preach. Pres.Hart & Elder Barlow came in a Noon.

July 21 Mon Marion & Countery

The alarm went off at 6 A.M. Elder Durant and I went Out side when we came in Bro. Hummel was And we ate and went Over to Bro. Maynards. We waited for Elders Steel & Johnson, And we all went down town and eat dinner. And went over to Skinners then back to Maynards. Hear we seperated. Elder Steel and Durant Elder Johnson And My self Went Out in the Countery And sleep in a barn full of fleas on Carpets.

July 22 Tues Countery

After Our sleepless Night fighting fleas the lady of the house gave us a good breakfast, We then went On Our way and got turned Around and Never got in Warren to hold a Meeting as we were going to. We bought some dinner And eat it under a bush. And started Out for Bluffton tracting. At 6 P.M. I asked for a Night lodging And recived it at well to do farm house. We went to bed early.

July 23 Wed Countery & Bluffton

We were up at 6 A.M. And had breakfast. I explained the first Princaples to them And went on Our way. We stoped in A beet patch and made Out Our reports. And started to Bluffton. And got in at Noon we eat dinner And went to the libery after getting street privelages. A Medishin (medicine) show was in town And we Could Not stop a soul. Elder Steel stayed at Manroes and the Other brethern at a rooming house.

July 24 Thurs. Blufton Ft Wayne

Elder Steel And I was up at five thirty. Mr. Morrow got breakfast And it sure was good. We met the Other Bre. At their room and then we went to Richards & Changed Our Close And went down to Holdens Sister Holden was gone so he got us some dinner. We ate And went to the Palace And saw the (Six Command Ment.) (Dad's brackets)

We were all set for a street Meeting but After supper it began to rain. We came to Out Old room to sleep.

July 25 Fri Ft Wayne & Warren

The weather sure was Cool and we sleep till 6.30. Changed Our Close And got a bite to eat . And got some Money from the bank and bought Me a shirt. We Meet Elder Steel & Johnson And took a plung at the Y.M.C.A. Sister talked us in staying for dinner.

Elder Steel went to Osian to hold a Meet but could Not. So we went to Liberty Center (a town). Gractill the town and preached to a dozen Men. We road to Warren and never got a bed, we bought one.

July 26 Sat. Warren VAn Buren

We arose 7.30 we Made Out Our reports. Got some breakfast and started to Van buren. We Meet Elders Durant & Johnson just Out of towen. We got dinner Out in the Countery Then ride to VAN Beuren. We gained stret permission And Elder Steel rode Out in the County to see a Bro Larson. Who joined the Church in the Old Countery. We got back And S. Husemars gave us a Nice supper.

I took Charge of My first street Meeting & it sure was one of the best one held.

July 27 Sun Marion

Elder Johnson And I sleep in a rooming house. And when I down to Horsemans. The Other Bre. were Not up. We eat breakfast and rode into Merion in time for Sunday School. And it sure was a treat to be their again. Sis Hummel took us down for dinner. Margret Hilt was their And she sure is some flirt. At 5 PM we went to the hall And tryed to Study. But the Sister Missionaries Came so we fooled Around till Meeting time. Sr. Murdeck talked.

July 28 Mon Marion

Four of us stayed at Bro Maynards all night. We had breakfast And Walked a little while and the Sr. Mission. Came up. We bought some ice Cream And took some pictures. The Sr. Went out to Pucket. We Elders went down town eat dinner & seen A show "The inside to Derone". I got Me a hard Collar. And we all went to see h. Skinner (some seandle). We went to Bro. Maynards And the four Elder left. Elder Dunant stayed all And Elder Dunant played the Bag Pipe.

July 29 Tues. Marion

We arose at 7 AM Sr. Maynard & Linn had breakfast all ready. We eat And got ready for the Countery. While Elder Durant was Mailing the Countery guys. I was haveing Chillies And feaver. He then took Me Over to Wrights And put Me to bed after giving Me a bath of Caster Oil. I was better by supper time. A Mrs. Poe Came in and Elder Durrant preached to her. We then went down to Maynards And they Came home crying from a show. Smilling Through.

July 30 Wed Marion Foanell

After breakfast we got ready to go Out in the Contery. We left at 8.30 And ride Out to Hillsamers And had a real nice Visit. We had dinner With them And Visited until after it quit raining And ride to Van Buren And had supper With Horsemanns. Florene had a tooth ake. And her upper lip sure was swollen. We ride Over to Bro. Larsens after dark And we had a ueny (?) five Cottage Meeting With them. We stayed all Night their with them.

July 31 Thur Tanille

The little chickens Came in Our bed room and wake us up about 6 A.M. We dressed And eat breakfast. I looked like rain. At 9AM we hitched the team on the wagon and loader. After dinner we talked to Mrs Larsen explaining the gospel to her. Elder Durrant explained th 8th Article And pologamy.

We stayed there fore supper And then we sang songs of zion until bed time. Then went to bed.

Aug 1 Fri Tamille Ft. Wayne

We arose at 6.30 A.M. had breakfast And started Out to Ft Wayne. We stopped At Warren and talked to the gate keeper. Told him who we were And gave him Our name Card. He sure was surpprised. We wen On And just before we got Markel. Sparky threw Me off. I tire (tore) the knee Out of My pants And elbow out of My shirt. At Zane Ville Ate pie-almed (pie a la mode) then ride on in to Ft Wayne,Chance (changed) Our close and went down to Holdens.

Aug 2 Sat Ft Wayne

We were starteled by a War Whoop from Bro. Holden at the peep of day. We Arose And had breakfast. Then washed the dishes, Made Out Our reports And wrote letter's till Noon Bro. Holden Came to dinner And they were in a up roor about geting of to Pigon river. At last they left And we held the keys of the kingdom. We went up to Stouls (Stouts) and had supper, and Visited until 10.30. We then Came back to Holdens And went to bed.

Aug 3 Sun Ft Wayne

It was 7.30 A.M. before we Arose And it being Fast Sunday we didn't get Any breakfast.

I read the Squeal to Tess of the Stern Countery until 11 A.M. We went to Soderquist And meet a Miss Monroe her friend from Bluffton. They soon left for Bluffton to visit her Aunt from Olka. who was going home. We wended Our way back to Holdens I went to sleep And when I woke up Elder Durrant was getting a bite to eat.

Aug 4 Mon Ft Wayne

Sure hot and sultery day No Air Circulalating At all. We sleep until 8 AM. And I tryed My hand at Cooking And Elder Durant Made fun of the French Fried potatoes. We wrote a few letters And went to the palace. and seen " Hold your Breath". Then had a plung at the "YMCA" had supper at the Cafe And went to Stouts And spent the evening. We sleep at Holdens.

Aug 5 Tues Ft Wayne & Roanoke

Another hot And Miserable day. We had breakfast at Holdens Washed the dishes and read until dinner time. After dinner we was going to Catch A Care (car) for Huunniting And a Minister Came Along And he And Elder Durrant talked Over two hours. To late to go to Hunniting so we waited for Randel Ellis And went home With him. We had a Nice supper and a find Visit.

Aug 6 Wed Roanoke & Hunnington

At 6.30 A.M. I got up And went down stairs. Mrs. Ellise just got up And Elder Durrant helped her With the Chores, while I took a ride With Dutch in his road Louse.

We played the Piano And talked to long And Missed the trin (train). So we waited until Randel Came home And Dutch took us to Roanoke. We took ti (the) care (car) to Hunnington And got a room at the Places.

Aug 7 Thur Hunnington & Ft Wayne

We were on the third floor of the hotel when I awoke this Morning. We dressed and had breakfast and sit Out to find the Adresses we had. We found Only One home, the rest had died or Moved away.

We wondered All Over town until we were all in We took the traction to Ft Wayne.

Had supper at Stouts, Mastersons Called of the Visit so we stayed With Stouts until 10 PM We stayed at Holdens.

Aug 8 Fri Ft Wayne

At 6 A.M. we Arose and ate breakfast and washed up the dishes Sr. Holden went Over to La Faureetts, we locked up the house And went up town and Over to Mrs. Reichards. We went back to Holdens And had Our selves locked Out. But we soon got in. I took first lesson in pres-in Coats. I (It) began to rain And keep it up all Night, we played two games of Dominos & went to bed.

Aug 9 Sat Ft Wayne

We arose at 6 A.M. had breakfast, Made Out Our reports and wrote letters to Our loved Ones at home. After Dinner we packed up for a street Meeting. We went to the Lyrne & seen Secret of the Storm Countery. Caught Our car and went to New Haven. Had a real time in finding the town clerk. He gave us permissiom we went down to the river & had a word of prayer. Held a good Meeting & sold 2 B of M

Aug 10 Sun Ft Wayne Marion

We Arose at 5.00 A.M. & Caught the traction for Meriom to Attend a baptismal exceriser. We got their in time for priest Hood and Sunday School. The lesson was on Marraige. After Class we all went down to Deer Creek where Bro. Ralph Hummal & Tonel Linn were baptized.The good sisters had a lunch perpared and was served to all president. We had a fine time And went to Meeting in the evening. Elder Durrant And I stayed at Hummals.

Aug 11 Mon Marion Ft Wayne

At 8 A.M. Elders Haroldsen And Englestead pulled us Out of bed. Sister Hummel soon had breakfast And Elder Dunant And Harodsen washed the dishes. We began singing songs And the Next thing we knew Mr. Hummel was home for dinner And None ready for him. We all then went over to Maynards and said good by. Went up town eat dinner and went to a show. Changeing "husbands" Took the 3.30 Car home and stayed Mrs. Reichards

Aug 12 Tues Ft Wayne Coutery

We were up at 7.A.M. And Mended Our closes And etc for the Countery. We took A bath And went down to Sr. Holdens for dinner. And Elder Dunant fixed up Old Rudy and at 4 P.M. we began Our journey in the Countery. We traveled About ten Miles And a lady gave us some supper, but was unable to keep us over Night. We keep on trying and finley we stayed with Mr. Harold who helped the Mormons Out of Mexico. Churbuseo R R

Aug 13 Wed Churbusco (Churubusco) Countery Millersburg

We arose at 7 A.M. And Mrs Harold had just began breakfast. We eat in a short time and explained the princaples of the Gospel to her. We tracted until Noon then began to ride for Ligonier intending to hold a Meeting. We stoped A Mile Out of town studied a bit, And when we got in A Chautauga was in town. So we began to ride trying to get a bit to eat And a bed. which we found at Mr. Roacher 7 miles Out. We ask 8 times.

Aug 14 Thurs.Countery

I Awok at 6.30 when Elder Danant pulled Me Out. We went Out to the barn and waited till breakfast was ready. We talked some on the gospel & Elder Dunant gave a Ray & pamp.

We went Out in the woods And Made Out Our reports. And then began to tract. At Noon we Meet and ask for dinner. The first lady had Nothing to do With us.

After eating we began On Our way and got to Dan Lays about 4.30. Had supper And preached to them a while.

Aug 15 Fri elkhart

We Arose at 6 A.M. And Mrs. Lay soon had breakfast ready, we ate And at ten we began on Our way again. We stoped at some woods And Made Out report.

Then got privilege of eating at a farm house. Just Out of Goshen we met we Met Dan Lay taked (talked) with him And told us how old his Wife was we came. We ride on into Elkhart, got Our Male. Elder Dunants Sweet Maning played quits. We stayed at Sis. Munz all Night.

Aug 16 Sat Elkhart Mishawoka

The Morning was quit dark & gloomy. And we Never got up until 7 A.M. Sr. Munz got breakfast. And We Made Out Our reports and wrote letters. We then took Our laundery down town And took a car to Mishuwaoka. And found where Sister Silva Richter lived, we has supper with the. As at 7.30 with Elders Tebbs And Johnson we held a ST. Meeting and went Over to South Bend & held Another One. Elder Johnson & I stayed at Riechtors.

Aug 17 Sun So Bend Mishauuka

When we woke Elder Dunand & Tebbs were hear. After breakfast we set Out to find a few families of investigators. ELder Johnson And I went down to Loyael Dally but No One was home. We then went to town and got a bite to eat And went down to the park and studyed. At 5 PM we all Meet at Sr. Reichters had a bite to eat.

We held a meeting over to Sr. Silvia Reichter at Musauoka. We all spoke but Elder Johnson.

Aug 18 Mon So Bend

All four of us stayed at Sr. Reichters And the sun Came in at the Window before we got up. We eat breakfast And Elder Dunant & I went to Elkhart for Our Books And beycles. And we rode 18 Miles in a hour 20 Minutes.

We had a lunch then went to town, to the Black Stone Theather And seen "The Covered Wagon"Elder Dunant & I took a bath in the Y.M.C.A.: We held a Cottage Meeting at Bro.Baneys. Stayed at Reichters again.

Aug 19 Tues. So. Bend

Again we Arose from Our beds in the Alley, eat breakfast and Made Out Our reports.

We left Reichtors And went Over to a family of investigators And held a Meeting, Mrs Morehouse wanted us to administer to her.

After Meeting we went to a show "Pals in Blue", From their to the Y.M.C.A. played checkers And took a plung. Went back to Sr. Reichters And had supper, then went to Another show "Single Wives".

Aug 20 Wed So Bend Rolling Prairie

After a Wild Night With bed bugs we had breakfast And prepared to go to the Countery Again. After pending Our laundery And Went to Wheatfield we started Accross the prairie. We Arrived at 3 P.M. Left Our And bags their And tracted the town for a Meeting in the evening.

We went back to Lloyds And had very fine supper. Washed up the dishes and went Out a held Our Meeting. We all stayed at Lloyds.

Aug 21 Michigan City & Chicago

After breakfast we left with the intencion (intention) of going to West vill. We got on the Michigan road and went on in.

We put Our wheels in a garage, ate dinner. Then went took a swim in the Lake Micigan. I(It) was geate (great) sport to ride the waves. We took to ship. "City of Holland and went to Chicago. We went to a show.then to Our room at the YMCA

Aug 22 Fri Chcaago Valpariso

I was the first One up And it wasent long before the Other Brethern were up. Went down to a lunch joint and eat breakfast.

We went down to the dock and boarded the "City of Grand Rapids" And went back to Ind. Arriving at Michigan City we eat dinner and got Our wheels And started to Valpo. We got their a 6.30 went to Elder Tebbs Ole home and obtained a room. Then we went down town And tried 2 to hold a Meeting & Pauled (poor old) Elder Dunant got a Nickle.

Aug 23 Sat Valpo & Wheatfield

We were up at 6.30 And we went down town And eat a bite. Got Our barings (bearings) and started for Wheatfield. And Arrived their at 12 A.M. (pm.)

They had Nothing us a eat so we went to a hold up joint.

We all took Our bath in the after Noon. Read our Mail.

And Sister Jensen gave us supper. And then we all went to a show at Jensen Hall. And while they danes (?) we sleep.

Aug 24 Sun. Wheatfield

It was a warm Morning when I got up. After washing up we had breakfast at 8.30. W didn't have anything to do Elder Dunant cut My hair.

We had dinner And studied A while fer a Meeting in the P.M. At 3 O'Clock we began Our Meeting with 2 ladys & Bro Jensen & Family.

Three Other strangers soon Came in. And we sure had a good Meeting. After supper we saw "Masters of Men at Jensen Hall.

Aug 25 Mon Wheatfield No Judson

Elder Dunant Milked the old Black Cow. And after breakfast I went to the post offices And got Our laundery. We changed And started on Our way for N. Judson. We split up for dinner. Elder Tebbs & I got dinner at a house after waiting a hour. Had a chicken leg about the size of an Ostrage but it was good. We Me (met) the Other bretern in No Judson. Held a Meeting and had a argument With A Minister, Bought a bed.

Aug 26 Tues No Judson & Hamlet

Elder Tebbs was sick so he was up earley. After dressing we planed Our trip. Elder Tebbs & I went to Hamlet And Others to Argos. When Asking for dinner a Man kicked us Out After inviting us in.

We rode on into town stayed With Sister Frajer. and friend to the Elders And plenty of dirt too.

We held A fine meeting in town. And every body Ask us to Come back Again And A lady offered to give us a place to stay.

Aug 27 Wed. Hamlet & Burbon

After breakfast we fixed my bike, And was on the road by Nine A.M. We rode hard until Noon And An Old Couple gave us dinner he was blind and Ask us to have a word of prayer with them. We went on into Burbon Elders Durrant & Johnson had got permision. We found us soom (some) rooms. At 8PM held Our Meeting, 200 people. One said we were Worlve (wolves) in sheeps Clothing. We sure got a Crowd.

Aug 28 Thur Burbon & Wakuisa

The bed fell in with us but sleep on just the same. Arose at 7.30 eat some breakfast And prepared to leave. Elders Tebbs & Johnson went North. We travled (traveled) until 11 A.M. & stoped to see pepper Mint distilled and Came Out Victores (victorius) in An Argument. We then went On Our way And I had a blow Out 2 Miles from Wilsons. We got their 3.30PM & he sure was glad to see us again. stayed all Nite.

Aug 29 Fri Wakarusa Goshen

It was Nice And Cool when we Awoke. After breakfast Charlie Alasner help fix My tire. We stayed their until Noon After dinner we started for Goshen in sand a foot deep. I lost My pen and Elder Dunant found it. And he took a fall And like to brake his leg. We had 3 Miles of rode like this. We rid on to Dan Lays 7 Miles east of Goshen and stayed all Night With them.

Aug 30 Sat Goshen Ft Wayne

Bro Lay Called Rosco early And we sleep till 6 A.M. And Sr Lay had breakfast All ready so we eat. After fixing Edler Durrants tire we began Our journey. He had to by a New One at Millebergs. We rod on to Sigioneer And Mine give away. Elder Dunant went to Churbusco to buy a New one. A Man Came Along And give me a lift. I picked up Elder Dunant And he brought us into Ft. Wayne. we stayed at Holdens.

Aug 31 Sun FT Wayne

Holdens were up at 12.30 And left fu (for) a big fishing trip Near Ligionier We sleep on until 8 A.M. then eat breakfast And Cleaned up the dishes, went to West Williams Changed Our Close. And seen the New baby. Then wended Our to Sr. La Fourrttes.

We Visited them all After Noon And stayed for supper. And it began to rain and we Never got to Holden until 12AM went to bed.

Sep 1 Mon FT Wayne

The sun was shining bright while Elder Dunant cooked breakfast I went Out to the shed And my bike was gone. We looked Around And inquired of the Nieghbors And they knew Nothing of it. We then went up to the police station And reported it And seen them put A druk (drunk) in the lock up.

Went Out to Soderquist And they went Out so we stoped in town and the Bible School was holding a Meeting, Saved was their Cry.

Sep 2 Tues. Ft Wayne

Bro Holden was up at 6 A.M. And so we Arose And eat breakfast With them. I helped wash the dishes, And then we sang a few songs And went up to the YMCA And took a plung. We eat dinner And went And got Our old room back Again. We unpacked Our things And got streightened Around And went dawn (down) to Stouts for a Visit. Played A few games of Checkers And talked Baptism to them

Sep 3 Wed Ft Wayne

I Arose at 8 A.M. And began to Write letter etc. After washing up we went down to Visit Sister Boldt's. She gave us some tanatoes peaches. Rye bread & butter and it sure was good. We Came back to the room and read some on the Scientific Aspects of Mormonism. We went to the Acme Talyn (Taylor) And left My pants. Then down to sister Holden had supper. Then went Over to Crest on Howl street for a Visit

Sep 4 Thurs Ft Wayne

It was rather Cool about 6.30 so I waited until the sun Warmed things a bit.

We sat around and read until 11.30 and then went Out for dinner And then down to the Y.M.C.A. And took a plung was closed Then went to the police station & My bike wasent their. We then went to a show the "Code of the Sea" Had supper And went up to Stouts and they took us Out to Ross Masterson And we talked All Nite religon.Sep 5 Fri Ft Wayne

At 8A.M. I Crawled Out of bed and after washing up I studied for a while then we went down town And got some dinner And then down to Sis Holdens for Our Mail. Elder Dunant got a sad letter from his Mamma.

We talked for some time On the resureection. Came back to the room shaved and went down to Soderquist for a while Came back and went to bed

Sep 6 Sat Ft Wayne

Elder Dunant was on the hummer when he got up. His head seemed about the size of a bearl (barrel). After fixing the lining in his Coat we got dinner at the Calhoun slop joint. I went to the libeary while Elder Dunant got his hair Cut. And then we went down to Holdens And pressed Our closes. We playd a few games of Checkers and went to Patterson & Fletcher Clothing store and Elder Dunant blew him self for a Hat.

Sep 7 Sun. Ft Wayne

It was raining And Very cold. I stayed in bed as long as I Could. Elder Dunant wasent feeling None the best again this Morning. We layed Around until 2.30 went and good, (got) some dinner and went to the libeary until time for it to Close. We Meet A Mr. Mc Clain from the Soldier Home At Marion We told him where Our Meeting was held. At 7.30 sharp he Came And we held a good Meeting.

Sep 8 Mon. Ft Wayne

The hour us (was) 9 A.M. And the Mormon Elders just got Out of bed. We fussed Around until it quit raining. And went down where Bro. Holden was working. After we eat dinner. Elder Dunant got my bicycle NO. And we took it down to the police station.

We got Caught in a rain going Over to Holdens. That Night we Visited J.S.Hair Vigor, boy he sure is radical On every Think (thing). ( No entry till Sep 23).

Sep 23 Tues. Ft Wayne

Elder Dunent kicked Me Out of bed earley this Morning and I got our laundery ready and took it down to Holdens. I helped her for a while, then Came back and read My Mail and went tracting., And I got such a scorching.....(page torn) My life. While we ..... town for dinner..... Timmis & she said ...Stout was down .... Lumbego. we ....seen him. Then and got Randales ...Out their...sick in ...up a we..

Sep 24 Wed Countery cool

Arose at 7.A.M. went down stairs and Elder Dunant Made the fire. And at 7.30 Sr.Ellis got up feeling so (some) what better and began to get Our breakfast. After that task was done we helped Dutch & his Mother Catch some chickens. From their we ...even in a hose shoe... Then went in the....& explained the prine.... gospel to Sr Ellis. Then...for today came in & rused how laze their... were . At 4.30 Sr Ellis ...prepared suppe (supper)... chicken...11P.M.

Sep 25 Thurs Countery & Ft Wayne

Randell Called us at 5A.M. And we Came into town with him in the Old ford. I sure injoyed the early Morning ride.

We got to Our room fixed My pants where a Nail stuck in. I tracted four hours to day and never looaned a book, but got some very rude remarks about we Mormons. At 7 PM we went to Stouts to hold a Bible Class. One of his friends Came in and Made us late with the Class but never the less. Our Class proved Very successful after all.

Sep 26 Fri Ft Wayne

When I woke up this Morning, it was 8 A.M. and elder Dunent was up and studying. We left the room a little after Nine to go tracting. But I forgot My tracting book so I made a visit to Mrs Spugl. Gave he (her) a Lihona and loaned a Mr. Durant. I (In) the after Noon went tracting Asd Never loaned a book. I got to the room 4.35 PM And we went Out to supper. Then to Soderquists for a Visit And the (they) brought us home in the Old car.

Sep 27 Sat Ft Wayne

Got up this Morning at 7.30 A.M. And finished Makeing Out My reports. And wrote home to the folks. And answered Walter and Spencer letters. I received a letter from home saying every thing was all right and every body well. At 12 A.M.(P.M.) we eat dinner. Then went down to Sister Holdens, pressed Our Close And stayed and had supper and had a good Visit With a Mr.

Sep 28 Sun Ft Wayne

Sunday and layed a bed this Morning Never got up until 9.30 A.M.

After I shaved up And studied a while. Elder Dunant and My self went down to Sister La Fauette. She had just gotten word he (her) grand father had died. Sr. Holdens Father. Brothers & Sister Holden Came over and we spent the day Visiting all of them at one place. After a Very fine supper Elder Dunant Bro Holdens came home. We then went to hold a Meeting And Moore came.

Sep 29 Mon Ft Wayne

Got up and was ready to go tracting a little After Nine. I started to second tract and a Collecter run Me off so I was unable to finish tracting on that street.

Elder Dunant bought some grub and we eat it in the room. And went down town to by him A pair of extrey pants. We tried Patterson and Fletcher but would Not give clegery (clergy). Went to Sheilds And they were More than glad to help us. The weather was cold, so we went to the Jefferson Theather and saw Collein More in Perfect Flapper.

Sep 30 Tues Ft Wayne

Sure was Cold last Night And we layed in bed to keep warm. I went tracting 9.15 A.M. And had several places refused My litutere (literature), And loaned one small book And had quit (quite) A Conversation with a Seven day Advent. We eat both dinner and supper in the room Out of a paper sack. We Visited Stouts for a while And Came home fixed up My reports for September. Memoranda - Oue Elder Dunent $.47.

Oct 1 Wed Ft Wayne

I wated for the Mail this Morning And Elder Dunent received a letter from Pres hart. With Our Monthly Comparative And I got one red Mark. I loaned two Book of Morman this fore noon and in the After noon Never loaned a one.

Elder Dunent And I left the room for supper 6.10 And took Over laundery down to Sister Holdens. While their we played a few games of Domno (dominos) And Elder Dunend And Sr. Holden Came on top.

Oct 2 Thurs Ft Wayne

I was up by 7.30 and before getting ready to go tracting Elder Dunant Cut My hair and I'm still scratching. We waited for the Mail Man And he was a hour slow And then My Money Never Came. I loaned two small books And One B of M. In all day. We held Our Bible Class at Soderquist. And Stouts Came Over And we had some real discussion on the Marraige question. And like to Never quit.

Oct 3 Fri Ft Wayne

I Arose at 7 A.M. And studied for a while. I wiated for the Mail Man to see if My Money Come which never. I then went second tracting and had several good conversation on the Gosple. In the Afternoon I went first tracting on Indiana Ave And loaned two B of M all I had With Me. We were going to Visit Mastersons but they called up and said they would be to busy so called it off. So we went to the Libairy for a while.

Oct 4 Sat Ft Wayne

I never got Out of bed until 8 A.M. I dressed and cleaned up, And waited for the Mail And My long waited for letter came at last.

I went to the bank And Elder Durrent bought him a Whip Cord Coat.

We went to the 'Y.M.C.A." And took Our Annual plung. From their to dinner. And to the Jefferson and seen ,"To Those Who Dance" which was a real good show. We visited Holdens and had supper with them

Oct 5 Sun. Ft Wayne

I sure had a good sleep last Nigh. Only sleep 10 hours. After getting up and washing Myself. I studied a while And went down and Visited with the Land lady and read the paper. I came back to the room And studied until 3.30 PM Elder Dunant & I went And had something to eat. We then Came back to the room until time to go to Stouts for Meeting No body else came so we just held Our meeting With them. and it was a real good one

Oct 6 Mon Ft Wayne

I Arose rather late this Morning. And after Washing shaving. I got ready and was tracting by nine A. M. I second tracted all fore Noon and Never loaned a book. After dinner I Came to the room and wrote a letter home. I gatherd in a B of M And done some first tracting, with No success at all.

After Coming to the room I read the era. Then went down to sister Holdens to take Our laundery, on Our way down we eat supper on Main. Got back home 10.30 PM

Oct 7 Tues Ft Wayne Ind

When I got up this Morning it was raining so I didn't go out tracting. I studied and wrote letters. Elder Dunant. bought Our dinner And we eat Out of a paper sack in the room.

We read and looked at pictures until 3.30 We then went down to Sister La Fauieet. We stayed and had supper and I sure enjoyed it belive Me. Then we sat And talked until after Nine, before we knew what time it was. We got home ten to ten

Oct 8 Wed Ft Wayne

When I came from dream land the sun was shining in the window And the room was Cold as blazes. both of them were Open. After shaveing etc. I read a while and went tracting. Before dinner I loaned two B of M. And after Noon through hard labor I loaned one to lany (lady) who us (was) glad to have a Chance of reading it. Haveing no Visits to Make we went to the Palaces. "And seen Reckless Age" Regneiald Denning Staring. It sure Was good.

Oct 9 Thurs. Ft. Wayne

Again Old Soloman was shining through the Window. But the room was warmer a fire was in the furnase.

I loaned three B. of M.s this Morning and had several good Conversations. And meet a lady with Out Any Nose. She sure look funny.

This After Noon I Couldent loan Any books. Every body seam to be gone. We eat supper and went Over to Bro & Sr. Stouts. for Bible Class. Sr. La Fauieelt Came and the spirit of the Lord was Manifeted.

Oct 10 Fri Ft Wayne

I Arose at 7.30 A.M. and was out tracting shortley After nine A.M. I began first tracting on Packard Ave. And loaned two B. of M by Noon.

After dinner we studied a while and then Visited Sister Boldt A Germon Member. We Concreated (consecrated) a bottle of Olive Oil for her. And she gave us a bite to eat. From their we begin to Wend Our way over to Soderquist. Their we Meet A Mr. and Mrs Tompson who is a blind panio (piano) tuner. Elder Dunant explained the princaples of the Gospel to them

Oct 11 Sat Ft Wayne

Both of us layed a bed this Morning, we Made Out Our reports, to pres. Hart and the offices. Then went down to the Y.M.C.A. and took a plug. At the Candy Factory we meet Randel & went with him for a load of cans. He gave us some candy it being Candy day. After dinner we went down to Sr. Holdens and we all went fishing and Bro Holden Caught one. The only one Caught. We went back With them & had supper With then and Visited until late.

Oct 12 Sun Ft Wayne

It was 7.30 when I Arose this Morning. I cleaned up and studied a while and Elder Dunant and I went Out for a bite to eat. While in town we Meet Clarence Nc Clain who was on his way to Ill. to husk Corn. We Came back to the room read. at 2 PM I went to Libeary, and brought six hot dogs back to the room for dinner. at a quarter to six we went to Sr. Boldts for supper. Her Cousin was there from N.Y. And she Could Not go to Meeting at Holdens But the Stouts were their

Oct 13 Mon Ft Wayne & Alverado

Elder Dunant was up at 3.30 and got ready to go to Montpielear then to Eldon Ohio where Bro Dally Meet us their. We layed Over four hours in Montpielear. When we got to Dalleys Sr. Dalley and Glida was getting dinner. After dinner Bro Dalley took us fishing down on Fish Creek. We got 29 all to gather. After supper Bro. Dallay & Elder Durrant Milked And I Cleaned the Fish And it sure was a job. We went to bed about 11 P.M.

Oct 14 Tues Dalley's.

I was up at 6.30 after a good nights repose in a real feather bed. After breakfast we helped Bro & Sr. Dally Catch some Chickens for a Neighbor lady 80 all toll. I then went hunting for a while and only got a chipmonk. I then help Cut a row of Corn shoks. And then went in for dinner. And we went fishen Again with only Nine to Our Credit. Gay I sure was sick. And before going to bed Sr. Dally doped Me up a bit.

Oct 15 Wed Dally

Up again at 6.30. I felt some better. And before breakfast to a dose of epson Salts which soon gave results. After breakfast I got 2 pigons With the gun I went to the woods for a Squirl, but had no success at all. After dinner Bro Dally went to help a Neighbor thrash And we Elders talked with Sister Dalley and Glida. I cut a pile of Wood & Elder Dunant got in the Cows. And we Milked them after supper.

Oct 16 Thurs. Dalley's Ft Wayne

I Arose at 6.A.M. went down and Elder Dunant Myself Milked the Cows Sister Dalley sure had a good breakfast waiting for us. After eating we Changed Our Close and got ready to go back to Ft Wayne Bro Dalley took us to Aurburn. And we took the traction to Wayne Ariveing at 15 to tuefve (twelve).

In the after Noon I went tracting but took sick and came back to the room. We held Bible Class at Stouts And two of his Cousins Came Over. & seemed to be Very interested.

Oct 17 Fri Ft Wayne

I felt some better this Morning. but My stomach was still on the blink. I went Out And got a bowl of Corn Flakes Come back to the room and went tracting on Broadway, with poor success Again. I eat dinner before I Came to the room. And I felt to Miserable And Never went Out to work. At 5.30 Elder Dunant And I went Out for supper and then went to the Palaces. "Desire" was the name of the show. the Vodville also was Very good.

Oct 18 Sat Ft Wayne

I tryed to sleep the Clock around this Morning, But dident quit (quite) do it. I finished Makeing Out My reports And wrote some letters. Elder Durrant And Myself went to the "Y.M.C.A." And took a plung. We then eat dinner and went to Sister Holden's And Visited with them And had supper again With them which I sure enjoy. We talked And played the Orgen until 9.PM and we come home.

Oct 19 Sun Ft Wayne

Another long Sunday I wish we had an Orginized branch here. After getting up and shaveing My face. I read the Countery Gentleman until Noon. We then went Out for dinner Elder Dunant Came back to the room and I took a stroll up in town Meet Bro Stout who was working up by the News Paper building putting in new wieir (wire) We went to Holdens but Never held Meeting.

Oct 20 Mon Ft Wayne

I Arose at 7 A.M. and studied until 9 AM And went second tracting. The people would Not take a B of M. or a small one. After dinner Elder Dunant and I went out in siuch (search) for a New room. We seen one it sure was fine, but the lady was too fussie, we looked at Another on Weldwood And took it for 7 a week Light House Keeping room. We then payed a visit to Mr. & Mrs. Guy Hall. On pauline St. It was Out first Visit & got supper. Went to the Mejestic at Nite.

Oct 21 Tues. Ft Wayne

Up this Morning 7 A.M. sharp. Dressed and went down to Sister Holdens's Changed My Closes and visited with her. And befor I knew it was almost 10 A.M. I went back to the room. Then went Out and Visited a lady on Lafeaitt I sure had a wonderful Visit with her. And invited Me back. We Moved this After Noon to 427 West Wildwood into a light housekeeping room. It took two trips. We then went up in town. Eat supper and went to a show "Wander of the Waste Land"

Oct 22 Wed Ft Wayne

I never was so cold in my Life as I was last Night. I got up and put Our Overcoats Over us. We Arose at 7.30 in our New home. At 9 we went Out tracting and when we came in we bought Our supplie and Cooked Our fist Meal and we sure eat Our fill. By the time we got Our dishes washed. It was two P.M. we studied the Bible lesson and went down to Sister La Fureett but found No one home. We came back to the room got supper went to Stouts for Class.

Oct 23 Thurs Ft Wayne

Arose at 7 A.M. And while Elder Dunant was Cleaning up I went down to the Hoouser Store for A bottle of Milk and Corn flakes. I second tracted all fore Noon and never loaned a book. Done a little third tracting after Noon. Just before supper a Mr Charles Bush Visited us. He is from S L.C. He was on his Way to Detroiet Michigan to work for the Hudson

Oct 24 Fri Ft Wayne

Up a 7.30 and had Our little bite eat by 15 after eight. My Stomach was some what better than yesterday. I third tracted all fore Noon And loaned one B of M.

After washing up the dinner dishes we went down to Sr. Boldt's And Visited her for An hour then went Over to Soderqwuist. We eat supper With them And Sr. Soderquist being sick we washed the dishes & Bro Soderquist brougt us home.

Oct 25 Sat Ft Wayne Fair

Up and eat breakfast and had the room Cleaned and reports And letters Wrote by 10.30. We then went down to Mrs. Reichards to see if we had any Mail their. From their to the bank and to Stouts And had a Sour Crout & weiner dinner sure was good. We then tried to get into the "Y" for a plung but Nothing doing so we well then wulore (?) came eat the Cabbage. We seen "The Man who fights alone" at the Palace.

Oct 26 Sun Ft Wayne

We layed abed this Morning, until 8 A.M. I studied about 2 hours And then went down to Sister Holdens. They were cleaning fish. We had a fine chicken dinner and we Visited With them until 5 P.M. we then went down to Sister Boldt, and had supper with her. We meet her Grand daughter, she is learning the English laguage. Elder Durant And I helped and she is doing fine. We got to Our room half after ten.

Oct 27 Mon Ft Wayne Misty

When I came to Myself it was after 8 o clock. So we Never eat any breakfast. I left the room at ten After nine, loaned One B. of M. At 12 o clock we had dinner all cooked and ready to eat. While Elder Dunant was wipeing the dishes he Cut his thum. We stayed in the room and read all after noon. After supper we went down to Holdens And meet a Mr. Lane and he sure was a rattle head. Has a Brother who is a Mormon.

Oct 28 Tues Ft Wayne

At 7 A.M. i was up & we had breakfast over and some studying done by 9 A.M. I then went tracting on Fox Ave. And it seamed as if every body was away or wanted Nothing to do With Me. I loaned One small book.

After dinner we studied until After three. then went Out And Visited An investigater. Came back to the room & got supper & Meet Pres Hart at the Nickle Plate. We went to the Palace theather. And seen Snub Hollar in person.

Oct 29 Wed Ft Wayne Fair

After getting up we had our supper dishes to wash and Pres. Hart was hear before breakfast.

After cleaning up the dishes we talked and he advised Me to take My things to Merion at Conference.

After dinner which Consited (consisted) of stake, spud fried in onions etc. We went up town and bought me a suit at Shields $32.15. Had supper and then a Republican ralley. The Main Speaker was Hon Beverage. of Indianna, U.S. Honor.

Oct 30 Thurs. Ft Wayne Warm

At 6.30 A.M. I Arose and began to get things shaped Around so when Pres. Hart Came breakfast would be ready. He Arrived at 8.30 And we soon were eating. We waited for the Mail Man And then I went 2nd tracting on South Wayne. Was invited in and had a real conversation. We had sour Prout (kaurt) & Weiniers for dinner. And Sr. Holdern gave us a honest to gosh supper and held Bible Class at Stouts.

Oct 31 Fri Ft Wayne Warm

Up at 6 A.M. and Pres. Hart came down And we sure had a good breakfast. Hot buttered toast, jelley and Bran Flakes. We went with him down to the Buss terminal And he left for Merion at 10.30

Elder Dunant and I came back to the room and got dinner. Then went Out tracting. I gathered in a few More books. At 5 P.M. We went to Stouts for supper and spent the evening with them we got back home at 11 P.M.

    Memoranda - Owe Elder Dunant 4 dollars
    Sold One Book 10-30

Nov 1 Sat Ft Wayne Windy

We layed A bed this Morning And then Made out Our reports. wrote letters home etc. We then Caught the Care (car) down to Sister La Fauerette. And she gave us dinner And it sure was good.

We stayed their all After Noon. Helped Mr. La Fayrette fix his Ford. At 7 P.M. we left for the room And stoped to the palaces. And seen "Being Respectable" which had a good Meaning. Came home And wrote a letter home.

Nov 2 Sun Ft Wayne

At 9 A.M. I arose And took a bath and wrote diary for a while. Then studied on My sermon At 12.30 we left the room And visited Sr. Boldt. Then went Over to Soderquist to hold A Meeting And No One Came. Stouts were sick And Holdens were Out of town. While their we had supper And talked On the princaples of the Gospel Sr. Soderquist applied for Baptism. Got to the room 11 P.M.

Nov 3 Mon Ft Wayne Windy

At 6 A.M. Elder Dunant shut off the Alarm. And when we awoke up Again it was 8 A.M. I dressed And got A bottle of Milk. After eating I washed up the dishes And took My pants back to the store to have the remodled.

I got dinner And waited until 1PM. for Elder Durrant. We Never went Out after dinner. At 5.30 we had Milk toast for supper. Visited Holdens for a Couple of hours. And Come back home.

Nov 4 Ft Wayne Warm

Election day And the Alarm Never went off and I forgot to get up. After breakfast I washed up the dishes, paid the rent And talked With the land lady. After dinner we stayed in the room And read & sleep until supper time. After cleaning up things I read the paper And payed the Stouts a visit befor I live town. I read some to Sr. Stout about Saul of Tarses. They served Candy salted peanuts. Got back to the room 15 to 11pM.

Noy 5 Wed Ft Wayne Warm

When I Arose Elder Dunant had A stiff Neck. A head Ache and lame back. I went Out too see A Mrs. Spegial but No one was home. I Came back And to the room And got dinner, And My Compaion (companion) was to sick to eat. I studied for a while then got ready And went down to Soderquist for supper. She had been washing and was about All in. And Brother Soderquist was give Out. Got home 11 A.M. (pm.)

Nov 6 Thurs Ft Wayne

After getting breakfast And washing up the things. I went out and gathered up the rest of my books. I got in 10.30 And elder Durrant came in and went to bed . I fed him up on hot lemon ade And hot Milk toast. I studied Over the Bible lesson and went to Sr. La Faurette to hold a class and No One came so we just Visited. Cameback home And went to bed

Nov 7 Fri Ft Wayne

We stayed in the room until 10 A.M. waiting for the Mail Man And he Never Came. I then went down town and got a haircut then down to Sr. La Faucitt And had dinner with them. Bid them good by And went down to see Sr. Holden. Elder Dunant was their. From their to Soderquist said good by their.

Came to the bank and over to Stouts. And Visit their for a while. Went over and Visit Boldt and down to Holdens for My laundery. Had sup

Nov 8 Sat Ft Wayne . Marion

Rolled Out of bed 6A.M. finished packing up, Had a bite to eat And went down to the Traction Station and took the 10.30 Car for Marion Arriving soon after 12.

Meet the Elders and pres Taylor & Paul of So. Indiana. Held a Missioery Meeting five hours where we all gave a report of Our labours of the last four Mounts.

Bro. McCarty took pres. Taylor, Hart and Paul Elder Englistesd & My self to Muncie. Stayed to Stevens over Night.

Nov 9 Sun Muncie Merion

Elder Engelstead and I got up and 7 A.M. went down town and eat a hot dog And went up to the hall and put things for Meeting Which began at 9 AM sharp. After the exersies I was call up to speak the first One on the program Next Came pres Pall, Hart and Taylor. We caught the C & O for Merion. Their two session were held of our counference. Went to Wrights for supper And Elder Johnson Brown & Myself stayed at Hillstamers.

Nov 10 Mon Merion Muncie.

Bro. Hillsiamer Called us and we had breakfast by 6.30. After eating we started for town And a Ford Coup picked us up. We seen the Sister Missionaries off for Indonipiotes (?) And went Window shoping until Our train left for Merion.

Elder Haroldson Came with Elder Tebbs & I . We Visited Saints And investigators etc. until Night. The Other Bre. stayed at Brother Shiniamans. And I at Ourcuts.

Non 11 Tues Muncie

Mr And Carl Ourcut had their breakfast before I Came down stairs. Sister Ourcuts Mother had my eats All ready. And when the Brethern Came And I shaved. We then went Out And Visited Sister Will's at Yorktown And eat dinner With them. I went in town With Wills And Elders Haroldsen & Tebbs Caught A ride in.

We then Meet the Sister Missionaries & Pres. Hart. at the C & O. Sister's Funworth & Murdock stayed at Ourcuts, Elders Tebbs & Haroldesen at Stevens & Pres. Hart & I at Shinamanns

Nov 12 Wed Muncie

Bro Shinaman woke Pres. Hart and I at 5 A.M. After breakfast we walked over to Steavens. Elder Tebbs and pres. Hart went Out looking for rooms. And I went With Elder Haroldsen to the Big Four Station. where we all Met and bid him good by for South Bend. After dinner Bro Steavens Moved the Sisters to their rooms And Our trunks to his place. Elder Tebbs look Most of the after Noon for a room and found on (one) on 1924 W. Jackson Sleep at Shinamans.

Nov 13 Thurs. Muncie

Bro Shinaman Call me at 5:30 And after breakfast I took the car down to Steavens where I Meet pres. Hart and Elder Tebbs. After they had eat breakfast. Bro. Steavens Moved us to Our room with the Missionary specialy. We stayed in the room Most of the day and desided we would try the bed And if it wasent and better than it looked we Would Move. The sister Missionaries invited us down for supper. And from the there to a show. "America"

Nov 14 Fri. Muncie

Tried Our New bed last Night, And after eating at Our new bording place. We got Another room. On 100 S. Mc Kinley for $5.00 a week. Pres Hart Came about 9.30 and helped us Move. After dinner unpacked Our thing. After a real good supper we went Over to Dains to Book of M. class. Bro. Shinaman. the Steavens family And we Missionaries were their. The lesson was 2nd Nephi And Elder Tebbs taught it. Pres. Hart took Lady Mishar (missionaries) home. And we got a pic at Steavenes.

Nov 15 Sat. Muncie

We went to the station With pres. Hart And seen him off to Indianoposlis. Got My laundery and went to the bank. Came home And after dinner as we were getting ready to go to Raymes. Delbert Came with a Note from Bro. Shinaman stating Bro Rayme wanted we Elders. We anointed him and stayed until dark. Cam home by way of Shinamans. Took a swim and studied soom before going to bed.

Nov 16 Sun. Muncie

We Over sleep this morning and never had time to eat breakfast. We had a wonderful priest hood class and Sunday School Elder Tebbs took charge.

And I had to teach the Fourth year And the kids knew More than I did but got along fine. After dinner we Visited Brother Rayme. And he said he was getting week. His Bro. from Vergina is hear. Held a fine Meeting to Night. Fixed schedual With the "Mishes" Waked home with them

Nov 17 Mon Muncie

After breakfast at the Way sid Inn we went tracting. I never loaned A book but Elder Tebbs put Out two. And it being Cold we Came in earley. After dinner we Visited Ourcuttes, Congeres, Floyds with the "Mishes" Ate supper in town And then went to Shinamans And heard How Fern was stroked down the back. Bro Shinaman was washing. It snowed All after Noon about 4 inches.

Nov 18 Tues. Muncie

Went tracting alone this morning and Never loaned any Books.

Run acoss (across) Bro Ourcutt And Carl they were diging a suer line. We Meet the "Mishes" at the room And Visited Sr. Richard, Williams. Over to Raymes. And to Glidwells for supper And while we were their Sr. Rayme called up And wanted us to sit up theit (there to) Night. Which we done. And I got enough to last for quit a while.

Nov 19 Wed Muncie

At Ariving at the room we washed up And went to breakfast. Come back and got ready to go tracting. We went tracting to gather...(torn page) each others... had good swim.... dinner we .... "Mishes" at the... we Visited Welches ...she told us her... We Visited Grand... and from... over to Steavens...we Visited And ...soup And pie....took "Mishes'home. And waited all Night for a Normal Car

Nov 20 Thurs. Warm (torn page)

When I Awoke this Morning it was 7.30 And by the time cleaned up.... were half hour ...for breakfast....we went tracting...had good...a German... Voice of Warning.... After dinner ...the lady "Mishes"...libeary. We visited...and had supper ...And held a 8 o Clock we also ...the Grand and ...printers deavet.

Nov 21 Fri Muncie Rain phone 5193 (torn page)

It stormed and we did Not go tracting at all. At breakfast Mrs...hornberg asked Elder Tebbs for some of Our literature a B of M And Explained ...the first princaples ...& M. Thornberg...daughter An mary,...called on Rameys and administered to him to die. His helping and his falling. Eat at ..pally Parrot. Took the Mishes to B of m class at Downs

Nov 22 Sat Muncie Cloudy

When we Came from breakfast. Mrs wear told us Bro. Ramey had died during the Night so we went down their as soon as possible. Elder Clalled up Crims at perice for pres Hart. And I stayed at Rameys.

We Came back to the room after buying some flowers. After supper we set up with two odd fellows and we sure preached the gosple And one of them invited us to Call on him

Nov 23 Sun Muncie (torn page)

We Came home and washed up and eat two pies and went to the hall. No body came so we Neve held priest hood. At Sunday School I was secretary ... had Sr. Murdock ... with Mine. Oh Boy...ter Sunday school.. went down to Bro Shinamans for dinner ...sure hit the spot. We had supper to the hall. Sr. Murdock, Bro Shinaman And Myself were the speakers. Bro Shinaman talked 40 Minutes. Seen the "Mishes" home.

Nov 24 Mon Muncie (torn page)

After a hard Night we arose and ate breakfast. pres Hart Came And we sure was glad. We prepared And went to ..Rameys. The funeral... prosession went to...Chaple. Pres, Hart gave a sermon J. M took Ch.. and dedicated the grave pers Hart and J.M went ..the Lady "Mishes" visi...Visited Sr Richards.. Over to Ocuretts had ..supper. Came back to the Batch pres. Hart J.M Came and we chewed the fat and I came to the room Alone.

Nov 25 Tues Muncie (torn page)

I sleep Alone and like to froze. After breakfast pres Hart and J. M. Came to the room. And then went to the traction station..and Meet the Sisters Pres Hart went to the C & O and we for went to York Town. Sr. Will's had a real dinner, we held a study class with good success. Got ...kled Over Our singing...had to laugh. J.M....Sr. Murdock fixed ...onagraph And a ...trape. caught the ...and Visited Sr. Rayme Took the "Mishes" home and took in the Fighting Fool.

Nov 26 Wed Muncies (tornPage)

Spent the fore noon pressing then after dinner went to the libeary to Meet the "Mishes" And took Our laundery to the "Chink". We Meet Elders Oray & Brown a cir... I went with them to our room Eldr Tebbs & the Mishes Visited saint.. We Elders Visited Steavens and I fixed the pants Tryed to get them to ...Me to the Batch for ... Sr. Glidewell ph...up and said she had supper for us. Elder ....smothed things Over best as he Could.

Nov 27 Thurs Shocklys & Shadler.

Mr. Weir woke us up at 6A.M. We dressed and shaved and Meet the Other Missionaries at the ... ecterban station. Got Shider and Walked the rest of the way And Bro Shockey met us . I hunted for a rabbit Never got a smell. The Turkey dinner sure was great. We pitched horse shoes,..."one and Over and ...bugg My birth day...lated Me Over a... anger. Wore Out My ...& broke My watch Crystle. "....ishes" & We Walked in seen a good show.

Nov 28 Fri Muncie

We were bedfast until 10.30 Elder Tebbs Call up Elder Obray And he desided to Stay And Come in to Morrow. After dinner in Compa...With the Sr. Mishes we tried to locate some... More of Our saints. ... called on Shinamans , Oauretts was invited to rabbit dinner but Could Not stay, we had a B of M Class at Doun.. After eating a bit a.. the "Mishes' we bore.. the "sneak" for Dains.Steavens, Bro. Shinaman and Dains were thah (?) Christmas was discussed,

Nov 29 Sat Muncie

After breakfast we wrote letters home and made Out Our reports for the Month. We took the Instrucker to the "Meshes" and Came back to the Wayside for dinner. I went to the bank and then to the Doctors Cernman and had My wrist exmaned (examined). I had to return in 5 days. We went to the Columbia & seen Mannhatten. Came to the room and back to the "Mishes". Meet the Brethern and Visited a while. Sr. Farnsworth was sick. Elder Olray stayed With Me over Night.

Nov 30 Sun Muncie Cold

Elder Olray and I washed up and was down to the hall soon after 8 A.M. We read Over the Priesthood lesson. At the class was we four Elders. Sr. Murdock Bro Shinaman and Steaven. After Sunday School we eat a bite and Came to the room and studied. Elder Tebbs & I Meet the the hall. Elders Brown & Ohay were the Main speakers. Sister Reichards had the baby blessed. And Named Mearl Eugene.

    $31.50 Fir A suit
    Elder D. Owe Me $1.80
    Under Taker was M.L.Miek"s

Dec 1 Mon Muncie Cold

Bro Shinaman woke us up and we had breakfast at 6 A.M. After breakfast I wiped the dishes And then Elder Brown & I took the Care for the room. The Other Brethers were getting ready to go and eat. When they Came back we went to town. After Noon went to Wyson Grand. And seen "Get your Man"

Elders Olray & Brown Missed the 5.15 so had to waite until the next one. After supper we and the "Mishes" Visited Sister Bessie Richards and husband.

Dec 2 Tues Muncie Windy

Rather cold this Morning And rather a stiff Wind from the Southwest. In tracting I loaned One B of M and Went With Elder Tebbs I run out of houses. And had one invatian in. After dinner we stayed in And studied and wrote some letters. At 5 PM we went to town had a hot dog and then went to the "Mishes". We held a Bible Class at Oceiretts Sr Dain & Steavens Came.

After then we see "Feet of Clay" And Elder Tebbs run off with Sr. Murdocks hat. (I go with over coat on)

Dec 3 Wed Muncie Slick

After breakfast we went tracting again. I loaned One B of M. After dinner we studied a while. Sr. Farnsworth called up And wanted class held Thursday. We then Visit Steavens and discussed the refreshment propsition for Christmas. From their to Sr. Rameys And Visited some time With her. She Ask us to take Sr Glidewell's parasoll home which we did. While their we anoited (anointed) her. And walked home With the "Mishes". Sr. Farnsworth on the sick list

Dec 4 Thurs Muncie

just As we were going Out to Work Sr. Farnsworth Called up And said she had got her release. And wanted we brethern to go up their. After tracting for a Couple of hours and leaving two B of M, we Ate dinner And went to the "latch". Her relise (release) dated Dec 14 And the rest of the papers Dec 3. And No word from the New Lady Companion.

We four went to a show Visited Sr. Glidewell And had sup. With "Mishes"

Dec 5 Fri Muncie

After breakfast I waited for the Mail and then went up to the Bank. Then Over to the "Mishes" They had No word About a New Sister Are from Pres. Hart. While Sr. Murdock was Out tracting a lady prayed for her. She was a Nazerrean.

After Noon we Visited again at the "latch" Gave Sr. Kile Williams 10 dollars from the offices. We went to the libeary And studied the B of M Class. I held it and Elder Tebbs conducted it. Rained Most of the Afternoon.

Dec 6 Sat Muncie Warm

Eat breakfast at the Wayside Inn. Made Out Our reports ect. Went up ....( torn page) Seen Sr. Williams Visited the "Batch" And made a short stay. I came to room and Elder Tebbs went to Dains... the Juvenile And ... got to the room .... after I had ...supper. I then put in some licks on My lesson for Sunday... to bed soon ...ten.

Dec 7 Sun Muncie Warm Rain

Fast Sunday. And we were late for priesthood class. We sure had a good lesson etc. I ...administred the sacrement. And Meet Sr. Offahour from Middleton Ohio She is Sister Welle... daughter. After ... Meeting went down to Shinamans ..dinner and it sure was fine. We gave ...the hall 7 to... Wells & Steavens.. Waiting for us ...Farnsworth gave her fairwell talk. Sure rained hard.

Dec 8 Mon Muncie Rain

Breakfast at the Way side. And went tracting And Only loaned One B of M. The people sure Are hard boiled wont even talk. Had dinner at the wayside And was rained in all After Noon. Had supper And took Couple of tokens to the "Mishes" Had study class And some More eats. Make the fast day better. Broke My Glindy (?) Coming home.

Dec 9 Tues Muncie Windy

A special fast day in the branch. I took My Glindy to A shoe shope for repares and Very near froze Coming back to the room.

The room was Cold so I went down stairs. Elder Tebbs Came in 2 and I went to the Bank. I meet JM at the Libeary where we studied Our Bible lesson. I bought 3 Collars for a dollar. Had supper went with the Mishes to Ocuietts for class

Dec 10 Wed Muncie Yorktown

Breakfast again at the Wayside. Tracted about an hour and put Out 3 B of M. I took Sr. Murdocks umberell home. And then we all four went down to Sr Wilies fer dinner. Visited a while . Then went Over to york town to Wells and had supper, fixed the lights and dont know how I done it. We held a Articles of Faith Class. And it sure was good.

Dec 11 Thurs Muncie Fair

After breakfast at the ususal place I sowed on some buttons on My pants And Mended My sock. Changed My Closes And Meet the 'Mishes in town And went to Ocuietts for dinner & it sure was a good one two. In the evening we "Mishes" went Over to Ramyes for supper. And had to to foune (?) the girls down Held a Class, Sr Ocurett & Williams Came Over.

Dec 12 Fri Muncie

Breakfast at the Way Side Inn. And went tracting and loaned two B of M. I would have tracted longer but run out of pamplets. Was invited in Once And had A good Conversation.

Went down to the "Mishes' And Visited And went to Book of Mormon class and .... (smeared ink) aflan girls were there. After the s..ow class went to a show at the Grand.

Dec 13 Sat Muncie

After An earley beakfast JM. And I went up to the "Batch" and helped Sr Farnsworth with packing up. ... Elder Tebbs... her trunk. We ...her farewell at the C & O. Came back to the room And eat dinner at way side. After studying a while we Called Sister Murdock and ate about all the Cake up. And went to the Star theather and got jiped on the show.

Dec 14 Sun Muncie

Sleep late and after washing, went to the hall. And studied until Priesthood time. Bro & Sr. Bro Shinaman Sr And we Elders. As usual JM. & I administed the sacrement. And I took both small classes. Ate dinner at the Wayside. To Our supprise Elder Steel Came Over from Anderson And was the Main speaker. I stayed at Bro Shinamans

Dec 15 Mon Muncie

Bro. Shinaman was sick and Never went to work Elder Steel and Tebbs were just going to eat. The three of us went to Steavens and while we were theire Pres hart And Elder Brown Came. Bro Steavens hall (hauled) Elder Steel and Sr. Murdock's trunks to the C & O station. And we all Mid (bid) them fair Well. In the After Noon Elder Brown and I went to the Wyser Grand was a pretty good show. Pres Hart & JM stayed at Steavens

Dec 16 Tues Muncie

Elder Brown Waited at the room for Pres Hart And Elder Tebbs. And I did some second tracting But Neve (never) put Out Any book. but few more pamplets than before. We four eat dinner at the Wayside and went to the Libeary and studied for class. Pres Hart left for Ft. Wayne 4.25PM the three of us went back to the libeary until time for class. Ocuetts & Sr. Dain Elder Brown were all that was there. Rained & got My feet wet. Stayed alone at the room

Dec 17 Wed Muncie Rain

It rained all Night and was rather late when Elders Tebbs & Brown got to the room. And we sure hurried to Catch the 11.10 train... JM and I ate dinner down town And Came back to the room and studied until time to catch the car for Yorktown. And waited for it we watched a clan funeral and saw Nothing unusual..

We had supper at Wills and had a splendid class. Bro Wills brought us home.

Dec 18 Thurs Muncie Rain

When I awake this Morning it was raining. After breakfast it stacked up to get a better start. I went down to Steavens to tell them about B of M Class being Changed from Friday Nite.

We left the room at 6 oclock to go to Dains for class & No One Came and it begin to rain harder we got wet Waiting for a Car.

Dec 19 fri Muncie Cold

The weather has Changed. And a Cold wind is blowing In second tracting I got some Cold receptions. But was invited in one place And had a good Conversation & left a B of M History.

Soon after I got in the room Pres. Hart and Elder Barlow Came. Elder Tebbs And I were to Meet them at... but JMT Never got from Tracting until 2PM. I stayed at Steavens.

Dec 20 Sat Muncie Cold

I had a bite to eat at Steavens and Came back to the room. The brethern were trying to get warm. After making out My reports letters etc. I meet Elders Durant & Barlow at the libeary. Soon Pres. Hart & JM Tebbs came and we Ate supper at the New...on. And seen a show at the Grand...ate supper at the Way side & Elder Dunant & I stayed at the room.

Dec 21 Sun Muncie Marion Cold

Elder Dunant And I dressed went to the post offices and to..ll. we had a splendid priesthood class and Sunday School. After Sunday School we five Elders rode the Buss to Marion to attend the ... program.

Bro & Sr.Ma... invited us down for dinner. And the ...Elders .... I sang three Ames to..With Eva & Meree an.. I stayed to Hummer

Dec 22 Mon Marion Muncie Cold

I rolled Out of bed 8 A.M. and tried to keep the stove warm.until after breakfast. The Other brethern were over to Maynards so I went Over to ...when they were back to Muncie.We took some pictures went to the libeary until time to catcth the train.

Elder Johnson had just got back from home and was feeling fine. Had supper at the Way Side. And Visited Steavens.

Dec 23 Tues Muncie Snow

Had breakfast at the wayside and i went over to Steavens to Meet pres. Hart. Elder Tebbs pills took effect and came to the room. We all Meet at the libeary 11.30 And had lunch. Studied for a while a ...Pres Hart & ...Rite Williams & ...Came to the room Via town. Had supper at the Wayside And went to Ocuretts for Bible class. Pres Hart stayed their

Dec 24 Wed Muncie Cold

We ate breakfast at the Wayside, And Made short Visits to the Welches and Dains. We Meet pres. Hart at the library 11.30 JMT and I went in Quest of refreshment Money going to Wileys, Laughlins, ...himer,And Williams. ..all had excuses ..Sr. Williams. We had supper at the Wayside. And went to Ocuretts at 11.30 serveses at the Catholic and we attended. Sure was a good example of Idolitrous worship...Mrs Wires gave us candy and a handkerchief

Dec 25 Thurs Muncie & Yorktown Cold

After a Night of Later..priest JMT And I meet pres. Hart at the Interurban station And Caught the 11.30 Car for Yorktown and spent an injoyable day Wtih the Wi... family and two half brothers of each. "Good eats big time". And in Muncie we went in the Wysor Grand The best show an.. Vouedvill I have seen their. We like to have froze while waiting for Our Care so we Could use Our transfers.

Dec 26 Fri Muncie Cold

JMT and I ate at the wayside. I came back to the room & waited for the Mail. And got the laundery ready And took it to town And Meet the Bre. at Steavens and sacked candy and Nuts for Sunday. At 4.30 pres Hart And Elder Tebbs took the Buss to Anderson And I stayed and taught the B of M class. Came home And took a swim and hit the hay.

Dec 27 Sat Muncie Cold

After eating breakfast and waiting for the Mail. I went Over to Steavens and waited for the Brethern to Come And helped make pop Corn balls Sr. Dain Came Over to practice a song. And helped Sr. Steavens and I With the Corn and when the Elders Came we finished and sang a song. I stayed With pres. Hart at Steavens We two and Bro Dain administered to Sr. Steavens before going to bed.

Dec 28 Sun Muncie V.Cold

Pres Hart and I were just ready to go. And Elder Tebbs Came Over and helped us with the refreshments. ...arriving at the hall Bro Shinaman and Delbert were there which Constuited the priesthood Class. Our program came off good. And we distributed the ..." to those that Never Had dinner at Dains. Just like I get Out home. Sr. ..ada & Bro Shinaman came and every one talked , to take up the time.

Dec 29 Mon Muncie Warmer

Pres. Hart Came before we were dressed. And we finnished Elder Tebbs Cake for breakfast. And stayed in the room and wrote letters and Made Out reports All the reports ...Never Came so ... Can't go to pern..JMT and I took Kite Williams ...s to him and Meet Pres. Hart at the ..g. After eating supper We then visited Sr. Ramey and Pres Hart JMT at Oouutts and I came to the room.

Dec 30 Tues Muncie

Before Coming to the room the Other Bre. took a wreath to the cemetary for Sister ... I went to ... And got some and bough a ...socks. The ...ats Never Came...n. I went down...Wellie And ..them treat ...Wellie had teeth drawn & ..was in pain. I meet JM and we ate supper . Called for pres Hart and went to Ocuuetts for class.

Dec 31 Wed Muncie

Pres. Hart brought Our laundery And Elder Tebbs borded the train for peru I made Out the relief ...Report. Pres.Hart and I made Out the Monthly reports and Visited Steavens. We Came back to the room And found Sean the Border the Columbia ..then went down to Ocunetts And h..Nid Night lunch. ..Fired the shot ..when the Old year went Out And the new One Came in.


That which we percist in doing become easy to do Not that the Nature of the thing has Changed but that our power to do has increased.


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