Funeral Services for Arlie Matkin Bodily Rawlins Matkin

April 16, 1988 Cove, Utah

Family Prayer: Vertis Bodily

Our Father in Heaven, as we as family members have gathered here this day we pray that Thy Spirit might be here with us. We're thankful Father in Heaven, for the many blessings we do receive, and we're thankful that we know that these things happened and that things will go on.

We are thankful for our association with Arlie and for the many things that she's done throughout her life. We all have our fond memories of our own things that she's done to enlighten our own lives.

We're thankful for the Gospel, Father in Heaven, we know that this is not the end, that it is just another step to Eternity.

We pray that Thou will bless all the family members that all the things that they stand in desire of help them to carry on. We know that they'll miss their mother and grandmother and husband. We pray that Thou will bless George at this time, especially bless him that he'll be able to get along and we want him to know that we love him very much.

This prayer we ask in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

On behalf of Brother George Matkin, his family, the Rawlins family, and the Bodily family I'm happy to welcome you here today to these services as we pay our respects to Sister Arlie Bodily Rawlins Matkin. She was born November 16, 1915 in Fairview, Idaho and passed away April 13, 1988 in Mesa, Arizona. The pallbearers today are Sherman Taylor, Darren Taylor, Wayne Taylor, Richard Smith, Lynn Tanner, Steve Olsen, Boyd Bodily, and Gary Perkins. The honorary pallbearers are Ruel Matkin, Ron Matkin, Ralph Matkin, Charlie Lewis, and Jerome McCracken.

The family prayer was offered by Brother Vertis Bodily. The prelude and postlude music will be rendered by Sister LaRue Stephenson. We will commence this service by having a vocal trio Gerry Dunyon, Janice Field and Pat Harris. They will be accompanied by LaRue Stephenson. They will sing Abide With Me, after which the invocation will be offered by Brother Stephen Bodily.

Invocation: Stephen Bodily

Our Father in Heaven, as we bow our heads at the beginning of these services for one of Thy choice daughters who has been called home, Sister Arlie Bodily Rawlins Matkin. We as family and friends who are gathered here wish to thank Thee for Thy Plan of Salvation which has been presented to here upon this earth which gives us a knowledge and understanding of the Purpose of Life while we're on this earth, and where we will go after this earth life is over. We are grateful for this knowledge, and ask that each of us might continue to develop the faith and understanding of this great gospel principle.We are thankful for the life of this here Sister, for the example of good that she was to each of us, for the example in perseverance, for the example in faith, for the example of everything that she did each day.

Help us to have the strength and the courage to follow in her footsteps, to do good, to keep the commandments to so those things that we know that we should.

Now Father, we ask a special blessing to be with those that have been left behind, her husband, her children, her grandchildren, her brothers, and sister. We ask that Thy comforting Spirit might be with them, bless them in the days ahead that they might know that her life does not end, but is a continuation process.

We ask a blessing, Father, to be with those who are to participate in this program today that their tongues might be loosed that they might be able to convey the message that is in their hearts to us. As they pay tribute to this dear Sister that they will be able to convey the message that they have prepared.

We dedicate this meeting to Thy hands in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

A hymn will now be rendered by the grandchildren, I Am a Child of God, after which the obituary tribute will be given by Brother Gary Perkins. The first speaker will be Charlie Lewis, then there will be a song by the Perkins children, A Child's Prayer. Then we will hear from Brother Lindsay M. Rawlins, then there will be remarks by Bishop Hansen after that.

Obituary - Tribute: Gary Perkins

A few years ago, Grandma sat down and wrote her life history, and her children have taken this life history and highlighted a few portions of it and have asked me to read the history. Since it was a few years ago, they have also filled in a little bit at the end, which I will also read.

I was born on the 16th of November, 1915 in Fairview, Franklin, Idaho to Blanche Matkin and Christopher "R" Bodily. My parents were rather surprised because there were two of us. I was born fifteen minutes before my twin brother Arlo.

My Grandma Matkin helped me out.

When I was small, I remember my mother and grandmother hitching up the horse and buggy and going visiting. It was fun.

I remember going to school in an old two room building one mlle north of where we lived. Our folks took us to school most of the time.

There was lots of snow in the winter. In the wintertime everyone had sleighs as there weren't many cars. Grandpa Bodlly, being Bishop, was one of the first to have a car and a telephone.

I remember the old house where we fived in Fairview. It had two rooms upstairs and a closet under the stairway. They built on a couple of rooms, Grandma Matkin had one.She'd eat with us, but before that she'd carry me up and down the stairs on her back. We slept up stairs. Grandma taught me to say my prayers.

In 1925 we moved to Lewiston, Utah. I recall the canal east of the house where Vertis lives. We used to go swimming there, Mom would go with us two or three times a day.

We'll skip a little bit.

The teachers I remember was Erma Hyde, Sylmar Jessop, and Carl Stottard, he was great he could whistle like birds.

I graduated from eight grade in 1931, and my mother made me a pretty green dress. I was so small we couldn't buy one.

When we moved to Lewis to n, we didn't have lights for a long time, so that meant lamps and they were so hard to keep shiny. We still had old coal stoves. Mom always got up and made the fires.

After we moved to Lewis ton, some of the kids had to have our tonsils out, so we went to the Doctor's office.

When we moved to Lewis ton nearly every sprmg a bunch of Gypsies would come and camp north of the barn.

Skipping a little further.

I graduated in May of 1935, (1 believe that was from High School,). It wasn't too important for girls to go to college, so I didn 't. I worked for a motherless famlly for $12.00 a week for a long time.

I worked for Melva VanOrden we had so much fun all the time, I loved her dearly. I packed green tomatos for two or three years, then I started to work in the telephone office for 25 cents an hour. That was as good as any one was getting in those days. I worked there for a long time. One night as I was working some man called and started visitThg, and ended up asking me for a date. His name was Howard Rawlins.

He went on his mission, we wrote all The time he was gone. We decided to get married on the 26th of November, 1941, in the Salt Lake Temple. In these days we had trousseau teas, and only the women were invited, and you hung up all your pretty things. Old Kay the Jap came to see my things. I had a pair of black taffeta like pajamas with white stars on them and he thought They were so pretty. We always laughed about that. My wedding dress was white taffeta and cost $30.00. Darlene always wanted to be married in it, and so she was.

We had a chance to buy a house for $300.00. It was a sugar factory house, we had it moved for $150.00 to where it sits now. We planted the old willow tree when Charlene was 1-1/2.

Ann was born at Jenny Beigeison's the 13th of April, 1946, and Beverly was born there The 5 Th of April, 1948. Ann used to always wonder why Bev's birthday came first if she was the older of The two.I had an awful time when Lyle was born. Doctor Hansen was very concerned. Lyle was born 4 Ibs, 4 ol They knew he wouldn't make it, Through faiTh and prayers he did.

We moved to Hailstone Junction, near Heber, Utah to help on a Stake farm. It was a good move. We loved it down There and we had wonderful neighbors. When we had a day off, we'd take the kids and go somewhere. We stayed down there about four years. We went back to Lewis ton.

We adopted Darlene on The 13th of March 1961 and she was sealed to us in June in The Logan Temple. The first time I saw her somethThg told me someday she'd be mine. It's hard to explain.

We were just gettThg to where we could enjoy life when Howard died. I knew for years that somethThg was going to happen to him. Lin and Vertis certainly stood by me and helped me a lot and Sherm moved over from Stone to run Things.

On December 20, 1969 George and I were married in the Idaho Falls Temple.

Lyle went on a Mission October 8 1971 to October 1973. He got married on October 12, 1974.

George is a wondertul man, he has done so much for me, Lyle and Darlene.

On Saturday October 8, 1977 George and I were up to The house in Pine Top, I had a seizure stroke without any warning. George worked on me for about 15 minutes before I could breaThe and the ambulance came and got me. I was in The emergency room for a long time before I came to. Brother Wendell Allen and Charlie administered to me I was given a powerful blessing by Brother Allen, and he commanded what ever it was to depart. George had never seen the Priesthood work so powerfully before. I appreciate all that George did.

There has been more progress in my lifetime That in any other time. There have been four wars in my llfetime. Four of my brothers went to war, and two were injured. Joseph F. Smith was President of the Church when I was born. In 1918 there were 495,962 members, 75 Stakes, 22 Missions, and 4 Temples.

That's the conclusion of the things that they've highlighted from her history, and the children wrote the remainder of this.

Since Grandma wrote her life history she has filled 5 journals in an effort to follow the Prophet. Grandma enjoyed hard work and especially in making beautiful things with her hands. She and Grandpa have seen many parts of the world, and enjoyed its beauty. They served a Genealogy Mission, working in 23 states, finding old documents and taking pictures of them numbering nearly 750,000 exposures.

They returned from their Mission 3 years ago. Living near the Arizona Temple each winter has been a great joy to her, arising at 4:00 a.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday has been her way of finding time to do 300 sessions each year.

She has experienced the joy of grandchildren and a great-grandchild. Their births, baptisms, graduations, marriages, missions and their love has meant so much. She enjoyed wading in creeks with them, making cookies for them, sharing special secrets, and remembering all 43 birthdays. The love of her nieces and nephews has also brought great happiness. Grandma was a second mother to many people during her life, and she treasured the honor. She was always in the service of those she loved, this was her key to happiness.

May we keep her memory alive by following her example of service and love to friends and family and our Father in Heaven.

Speaker: Charlie Lewis

Brothers and Sisters, I'm grateful, I am grateful for the opportunity 1 have of being here this day, and sharing this time with you and be able to express some thoughts that I have thought about, and express my love to Grandma Arlie, to her children, to her family and friends.

Brothers and Sisters there's a reason for us being here on this earth, and those reasons are what I would like to talk with you a little bit about today. And about Grandma Arlie and the things that she taught us and helped us with in our association with her.

When I was on my Mission I ran across seven reasons for our purpose, for the purpose of man's existence here upon this earth and if I can I'd like to share with you those reasons.

The first reason that was brought out was to see it we will do all things whatsoever the Lord God shall command us. We know that there are a lot of commandments and a lot to do. So that in it's self is a big purpose for us or a big reason for us to be here on this earth.

The second reason outlined was to receive a body of flesh and bones. For the body and the spirit when separated can not receive a fullness of joy.

The third purpose for our existence here is to prove that they can keep their second estate, even as they have kept their first estate, that they may have glory added upon their heads for ever and ever. As we know this is the stepping stone into the eternities. Those of us that are fortunate enough to be on this earth at this time kept our first estate, we were faithful in the premortal existence, we were faithful there with our Father in Heaven, and here we are to prove that we are worthy and able to do that which he has asked us to do on this earth.

The fourth reason for our existence here is to develop our gifts and talents. To which they are born heirs that they are able give proper accounting of their stewardship that the Lord may be able to say; "Well done thou good and faithful servant. I will make thee a ruler over many things. Enter thou into the joy of the Lord." When I read this, I think of Grandma Arlie and the joy that she got out of doing for others, and the joy that she got from the things that she had in her home. Every time that we were able to be with Grandma Arlie, she had some knitting needles or something in her hands, always working on something. Every store that we would go into, or every place that we would go. This past weekend we had the opportunity of spending the weekend with her in California. And she was looking for yarn, and she was looking for things that she was collecting that she was making for her grandkids. She truly did develop her talents and gifts. As Gary mentioned, she spent much time, a lot of time in the Temple, 300 sessions a year serving our Father in Heaven.The fifth purpose for our existence here upon the earth is to meet requirements to become heirs of a Celestial Glory, by becoming Priests of the Most High and she has done that through receiving her ordinances in the Temple, and being sealed for time and all eternity.

And the sixth reason is to be sealed to a companion for time and all eternity.

And the seventh purpose for our existence here upon the earth is to have children. For children are the heritage of the Lord, and the fruit of the womb is His reward. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them.

Grandma Arlie was loved, really loved by her grandkids. My four kids thought of Grandma Arlie as very, very special. I am grateful for the association that we had with Grandma Arlie.

Brothers and Sisters there's a purpose for our existence here upon this earth, we are not here by accident, we are not here just to see how much wealth we can accrue, or how much we can gain or gather here upon this earth. We are here to improve our talents to learn to love each other, and to understand the commandments that our Father in Heaven has given us.

We have a responsibility, knowing the things we know to do the things that our Heavenly Father wants us to do. In all our travels, and all we do we must be careful, the world is watching us as members of the Church.

Let me if I can share a quick story about one of Grandma Arlie's granddaughters. When they came one time to Show Low, Arizona where Grandma Arlie lived with Grandpa George. We lived down the street, and around the corner from where they were, and I was in my yard doing something. Then I saw this sweet little girl walking and she was lost and she didn't know where she was. I got a hold of her and asked her where she was and she didn't know, that she was visiting her Grandma. I knew that Grandma Arlie had some other grandkids there so I picked her up, and we went to Grandma Arlie's. I didn't remember that until just yesterday, Ann mentioned it and said; "Yes, I remember you, and I'll never forget you for finding my daughter." That wasn't much for me, I didn't realize what I had done, but apparently that struck something special for them. Brothers and Sisters it doesn't seem special or it doesn't seem important the things we do sometimes, but we all have the ability, and we all do touch each other in different ways.

Grandma Arlie touched us. We are here today to pay tribute to this great woman, and to express our love to her. We do have a purpose here on this earth, and it is but a stepping stone into the eternities.

Let me, if I may, express to you my favorite Scripture in the Book of Mormon. You know it talks about to obey the commandments and do all these things, it gets frightening sometimes because there's so much that we're required to do. My favorite Scripture in the Book of Mormon is when Nephi is asked by his father, they were asked to go back to acquire the records from Lam an and he says, he was asking his brothers, Laman and Lemuel were not happy with that for they knew that they would surely be killed. Nephi says; "I will go and do the things that the Lord hath commanded, for he gives no commandment unto the children of men save he shall prepare a way that they may accomplish that thing which he hath commanded."Brothers and Sisters, lets remember this Scripture and take heart and know that our Heavenly Father will not ask us to anything that we can not accomplish. He will not ask us to go anywhere that we can not go and return safely. And here upon this earth we do the things that we're supposed to do, and we can return to Him. Brother LeGrand Richards in his book "A Marvelous Work and a Wonder" speaks about, or makes a statement that struck me as I thought of the words that I might say to you in the situation that we're in here with Grandma Arlie that there is hope. We know through the thing that we've been taught that the resurrection will come that we can again be reunited with Grandma Arlie, and the loved ones that have gone on before us. Brother Richards in this paragraph says a lot, he says; "We will lose our bodies in death for a brief span, but they will be returned to us more beautiful than we have ever known them before, and they will be as real and tangible as they are now."

Brothers and Sisters, through obedience to the gospel of Jesus Christ, through compliance to the commandments that He has given us we can be resurrected, and we can be reunited with those whom we love.

I bear you that testimony, and I do it in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Song: A Child's Prayer. By the Perkins Girls
accompanied by Darlene Perkins.

Speaker: Lindsay M. Rawlins

My Brothers and Sisters, I'd like to express to George my love, and my appreciation for taking as good of care of Arlie for the last 18-1/2 years as he did. When Howard died she almost made a lawyer out of me. When she told me she was coming down to Arizona to see George for Thanksgiving, her and Darlene, I said; "Well, good luck. Let me know when you come back what happened." She came back and her and I was the only ones on the line, she called me up, told me she had agreed to marry George. I should have known George, because he and I were freshman's in college at the same time, we took the same math class. It was in that math class when Professor Bird came in, his hair all frouzed up and I don't know rather his suit wasn't too good, but anyway he said; "In a mathematical error last night, my wife had twins." Anyway, and so on that phone her and I discussed the situation. Then she called George back and got the arrangements all made. So they came up to Idaho Falls, there they were married in the Temple for time. That made her kneeling at the altar with two men in this life, one sealed for time and all eternity, and the other one sealed for time.

In this last 18 years, because they were together, it made it possible that George was able to go on a mission. The Church won't take a man on a mission, a single man after he's 26 years of age. So if you're going to go you have to be kind to a wife and get her to go with you.

George, I love you with all my heart.

A month ago when I was down there to your place, he decided that he was going to take up golf, and he was going to be taught how to do it right the first time, he went to his golf class. We finished our lunch and visited. Then Arlie said to me; "Is there anything in life that I haven't done that I should do?" Now, you've heard her story, there were things they didn't put that I knew about, and I sat there and looked at her and I said; "No, Arlie, I don't know one thing left out, not one. I could ask you one question. Are you at peace with the world and everyone in it?" And she sat and looked at me for a few minutes and she said; "Yes, I am, Lin." I sat there and I said; "I don't think you've left anything out."

She expressed her love for her family, for George, for George's family, and right now, I'd like to stop, and thank those grandkids for their songs today. Because I'm sure Arlie just loved that.

At this Easter season when I went back and read the story of the Saviour when he went into the Garden of Gethsemane. And he left some of the Apostles at the gate, he went a little ways with Peter, James and John and left them and went about a stones throw. He threw Himself on the ground and He prayed; "0 Father, can this cup pass from me." And I thought; "How many people here have come to their Gethsemane, and said; 'O Father, could this cup pass from me.' and they got the same answer that He got. It wasn't a rebuke, it was a calm and a quite 'No, this is the time."' When the suffering of His got so bad that he sweat great drops of blood, an Angel came to Him, and Angel of mercy came to Him, to strengthen. I see here George, a whole house full of Angels of Mercy that have come to strengthen you in your hour of need. They can't take it away from you, but they strengthen.

The difference between us, there are several differences, we couldn't change it. When the guards came to get the Saviour, Peter got excited, drew his sword and cut the ear off
one of the High Priest's servants. The Saviour turned to him and said; "Simon, put up your sword, don't you know that I could call fifty legions of Angels." He could have choosed that, but it was meant for him to do. He did what he was asked to do.

You know, when ever I stand at a casket, I stood there and saw Arlie last night, yesterday afternoon and today she looked good, the age old story comes to me as Job asked many years ago. "If a man die will he live again?" They instilled into us the desire to live so we didn't commit suicide, so we didn't end a life, so we didn't stop it, and wiped out our memory.

You know, I got mixed up in this business of burying people and loved ones real early in life. About two weeks after I turned fifteen my Dad turned sixty-three, and I went to him and congratulated him on his birthday, and he said; "Well, I've been wanting to talk to you." It was hard for Dad to express himself. He said; "This is my last birthday on earth. I am aware of that." I don't know how he knew it, he didn't tell me that. Now he said; "I can't raise you, I'm not going to be able to do it, I'd like to but I won't be able to do it. But I'd like to leave you one thought in mind. When I die don't grieve too long, nor too hard, and don't become bitter, because that's the next phase in life.

I've give it all I've got. This body of mine's wore out, I've done my best I can't go much longer." And that was a comfort to me, because fifteen months after we buried him, we buried Mother. Then there was a kid trying to grow up, one of my nieces said one time; "Who finished raising you?" I said; "There is people that think that never happened."

Now as Arlie lay in that casket, dressed in the robes of the Priesthood, worthy to wear it. Section 131 of the Doctrine and Covenants says; "In the Celestial Kingdom there are three heavens or degrees, and in order for a person to obtain the top one you need to enter into the New and Everlasting Covenant." You'll find that in First Corinthians, seventh chapter, verse 39 which reads; "The wife is bound by the law as long as her husband Iiveth, but if her husband be dead she is at liberty to be married to whom she will, only in the Lord."

And so, she worked at the arrangements to be married that second time in the Lord. The gospel of Jesus Christ is true, is for the comfort of us children, is for all of us to come. May God bless you all. May you travel at peace as you go to your homes, many of you have got long distances to do. May peace and contentment abide in your home, and love and understanding and remember the good parts of Arlie, what ever name you call her, Grandma, Great-grandma, Wife, Mother.

She was ready for this. Now as I think back at some of the questions that she asked me when I talked to her, she must have had some premonition of this.

May God bless you all in your hour of trial I pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Remarks: Bishop D'Vaughn Hansen

I've been asked to take a few minutes today to speak to you. I've been wondering exactly what I would say, and as I was listening to the grandchildren sing, trying to sing amidst the tears.

You know in our lives a few of us have the opportunity to know a super Grandma. We expect the mother would pull back the dress and there would be the big "S" sign for Super Grandma. As I listen to the tribute then I knew that she must be a Super Grandma. All the things that she did. I'm sure those things, and she never anticipated being a Super Grandma, when she was young. Super Grandma's are made up of little things, little things, busy things, daily things, moment-by-moment things, that on and on and on.

It seems to me that this was the type of an individual that we're talking about. She did many, many, many, little things and the turned out to be great things. Probably the greatest is the influence for good that she's had in so many people's lives.

Someone once said that the greatest thing, greatest blessing that could come to us is to be born into this life, and that we should thank God every day of our lives for the privilege of having been born. Then he went on to indicate all the many wondedul things that we would have missed had we not been born. Now think for a moment, what if Arlie had not been born. What if, but she was. She came from another life, she lived before and she's living now, and we have the opportunity to return and be with her, all you grandchildren have the marvelous opportunity and you'll meet each other trailing clouds of glory. What a marvelous and wonderful thing.

Dressed in white, exquisitely white, far beyond anything that we could here imagine in this life, though we know it to be true, and I bear testimony to you that it is true and that it can happen and it will happen.

Another poet once said that, he made the comment that; "Two roads diverge in a wood, and I took the road less traveled by and that has made all the difference." Taking the road less travelled by I think that was what Arlie did, and she received many, many blessings for that. The road was not easy, the road was narrow, but she chose in daily decisions that she made to go the direction that she went. She was blessed for that, look around you here this day how many have been blessed because of it.

Each one of us has that potential in us, that same glorious potential is there. Our daily decisions, the things that we do bring those great blessings into our lives, and I pray that it will be so. There will be some silent, sad moments, for some here in the family more so than for others. Think about that, and remember about it after the services are over and a few days down the road there will be those who will need phone calls and visits. Don't forget them. Those little things that need to be done to pick those up who stumble and will be struggling for a while.

I bear testimony to you, my Brothers and Sisters that the things that have been spoken to you this day by the brethren are true and that they will come to pass. I leave the blessings of the Lord with you, and all the things that you need.

I say this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

We will conclude with a vocal solo by Scott Bodily, accompanied by Alison Bodily "The Test." The benediction of these services will be offered by Chris Bodily. We will then adjourn to the Lewiston Cemetery where the dedication of the grave will be by Brother Lyle Rawlins. Following the dedication of the grave there will be a luncheon served by the Lewiston First Ward Relief Society in the Community Building in Lewiston, in the center of Lewiston, for those of you who may not know, by the movie theater.

We welcome the members of the family to come there. On behalf to the family, I'd like to thank you again for being here today, and express their sincere appreciation for your tribute and your time in coming here.

We'll now have the vocal solo.

Vocal Solo: Scott Bodily "The Test"
Accompanied by Alison Bodily

Benediction: Chris Bodily

Kind and gracious Father In Heaven, as we conclude the services here for one of Thy chosen daughters, Arlie Bodily Rawlins Matkin, we are thankful for this beautiful warm spring like day that she would have loved so much. We are especially thankful for the opportunity to have known this choice Spirit, for her to have been a part of our lives. We'll treasure those memories for ever.

We're thankful for the messages that we have heard here today, for the knowledge that this is but a temporary separation, that we can again be with her some day. We ask Thee to bless her family that her good name will be a source of comfort and strength to them in the following days and weeks to come.

We ask Thee to bless us as we go to the Cemetery, that we'll do so with peace and that we'll make it to our homes in safety especially those that have long distances to travel.

These things we say in the name of thy Beloved Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Dedication of the grave: Lyle Rawlins

Father in Heaven1 as we come before Thee at this time, our hearts are full of Thy Spirit and presence with us.

At this time through the power of the Melchizedek Priesthood which I hold, I dedicate this grave as the resting spot of Sister Arlie Matkin. Bless this that it might be a safe place for her till the Morning of the Resurrection, at which time she will come out and be with her loved ones.

We ask that Thy Spirit will be with us as friends and family that Thy Second Comforter might be with us. Bless us at this time of loss that we will renew our faith in the Gospel and be able to more fully understand the Plan of Life and the meaning it has to us.

We say this in the name of Thy Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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