[From "Glimpses" Compiled by Lyle Rawlins]

History of William Joel Lindsay

William Joel Lindsay, son of Ephriam Myers and Jane Parrish Lindsay, was born at Kaysville, Davis County, Utah June 23, 1855.

When he was a very small boy, his family moved to Brigham City, Utah, where they lived for 18 years.

He was baptized 25 June, 1865 by James Pett, and confirmed the same day by John D. Reese.

His father owned and operated a small shingle mill in the mouth of Box Elder Canyon and as soon as William Joel got old enough, he helped his father in the mill. Joel received very little education. His mother spun yarn for a Mrs. Box so that Joel and his sister Rachael might attend school for a time. When Joel was sixteen years old he went to Nevada and worked on a cattle ranch for two years, then came back where he worked in the mines and saw mills near Brigham City.

While working in a logging camp in Logan Canyon, he became acquainted with Rebecca Jensen. She was the daughter of Mads Christensen and Maren Hansen Jensen, and was born 1 December, 1858 in Brigham City, Utah. Joel and Rebecca, wishing to be married, it was necessary for Joel to be rebaptized which was done 24 February, 1879 by Paul Stark and he was reconfirmed the same day by Bishop John D. Burt. He was ordained an Elder by Apostle Lorenzo Snow 24 February, 1879. Joel and Rebecca were then married 27 February, 1879 in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Their only child, a girl whom they named Marion Zeruiah, was born 6 October 1880. In August 1881, Joel moved his family to Bennington, Idaho, where he purchased part of a homestead from his brother, David. Joel lived in Bennington all the rest of his life. He did some farming, he had 80 acres, he had a few cattle, and spent such leisure time as he had fishing and hunting. He was employed sheep shearing, and when he got older, he would contract to feed the shearers. He would hire a lady to help Grandmother, and sometimes Aunt Rachael went too, and they would go where a lot of shearing was done, and set up a mess hall and feed the workers. He was a good shot, and served as a deputy sheriff. He was well liked by his associates. Grandpa had firm convictions and was always a staunch Democrat.

In 1900 Joel's brothers David, and Harvey moved to Big Horn county with a group that were sent by the Church to settle that area. His parents who were elderly people at this time remained in Bennington, but shortly after the death of his father 4 May, 1901, his mother went to Byron, Big Horn County, Wyoming where she spent the rest of her life. A short time before his death Grandpa went to Wyoming to see his Mother and other relatives, he had not seen his Mother since 1902. Grandpa contracted pneumonia in December and died 27 December 1915 at his home in Bennington, Idaho. He was buried 31 December 1915 in the Bennington Cemetery.

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