Joseph W & Mary E Leavitt Family Documents

Joseph Wire Leavitt Autobiographal Sketch
Joseph Wire Leavitt Portrait
Mary Eveline Rawlins Leavitt Sketch by one of her children
Mary Eveline Rawlins Leavitt Sketch by herself
Mary Eveline Rawlins Portrait (older)
Joseph Wire and Mary Eveline Rawlins Leavitt Portrait
Family Portrait: Back: Elden, Edith, Eulalie, Mildred, Hyrum; Front: Joseph Wire, Mary Eveline
Joseph Wire Leavitt Home
Mildred L. Last, Mary Eveline, Edith L. Summers (1940s?)
Nancy Minerva Earl Leavitt Portrait (older)
Eulalie Leavitt age 5
Eulalie Leavitt Taggart Portrait (older)
Frederick Taggart Portrait
Frederick and Eulalie Leavitt Taggart Wedding Portrait
Taggarts L to R: Paul E. (baby), Juanita E., Paul L., Brian L., Eulalie L., Toni, Fred L., Edis T., Timothy L.
Fred and Eulalie in front of his shop
Mary Lambert Taggart funeral program
Mary Lambert Taggart Obituary
Mary Lambert Taggart photo
Janett Taggart Hodges funeral program
Janett Taggart Hodges photo
Gayle Wiser Leavitt Obituary
Boyce Last in uniform
Edith Leavitt Summers Obituary
Edith Leavitt Summers photo
Edith A. Leavitt and Thomas A. Summers photo
Russel Brown and Nedra Summers family photo
Hyrum Andrew Leavitt Portrait

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