Copied just as it was written.

James Frost and Isabelle Van Dyke, grand parents of Margaret Elzirah(on Fathers side) lived in N Carolina. Their Children were Jones, John, Samuel, James, Ezekiel, Nickoles, McCaslin, Rachel and Sarah.

John Smith and Margaret Brown, grandparents on Mother's side, of Margaret Elzirah, had 3 boys and three girls, three had black eyes and red hair, and the other three, blue eyes and black hair. Their names were Nancy, Fereba, Pennina, Jessey, Steven and a baby. The baby and Mother died when the baby was born.

McCaslin Frost was the son of James Frost and Isabelle Van Dyke. We know very little of the fathers or mothers dates of birth and only that the father was of English descent while the mother was Dutch.

As far as we know he was their only son and child, and born at Rockingham Co. N Carolina, Dec.11, 1786 . He Married Pennina Smith the last of Jan or 1st Feb. 1809. She was the daughter of John Smith and Margaret Brown, When Pennina was a very little girl her Mother died, she then lived with her Aunt until she also died, and then she made her home with James Frost and wife Isabelle until she married their son McCaslin Frost.

McCaslin and Pennina Frost both joined the Church of Jesus Christ in Jefferson co. Iowa, being baptized by their oldest son Samuel B..who joined the church in Nauvoo.

McCaslin Frost died May 12.1874 at Lewiston, Utah. and his wife Pennina Smith Frost died Sep., 1869 at Richmond, Utah . They came to Richmond in 1866 and lived near their Son, Samuel B. and daughter Margaret Elzirah part of the time and later, during the last few months with Margaret E. and family. They were buried in Richmond, Utah

John Smith was born about 1762 in North Carolina, his wife Margaret Brown born about 1769 in So Carolina.

Children were Nancy born abt.1789, Stephen abt.1790, Jesse abt 1792.Penina abt 1 Feb. 1794 in Wain Co. So. Carolina, died 8 Sept. 1869, married to McCaslin Frost. Fereba born abt. 1796 S.C. married Mr Clapp.

(Probably written by Nellie L. Rawlins, wife of George F. Rawlins)

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