[Taken from: "Memories of Clyde A. Carter and Elva B. Carter", a booklet written by Elva B. Carter for Christmas, 1984, with the help of her daughter Myrna C. Laird, who typed and compiled it. ]


Immigration records show that Thomas Crawley, age 25, baker, and wife Betsy McKay, her mother Ann Ritchie McKay, 50, a widow, sailed on the ship Amazon from London on June 4, 1863. They arrived in New York City July 18, 1863. There were 882 saints under the direction of Wm. Bramall.

Betsy Ritchie McKay was born in Forfor, Forforshire, Scotland, July 27, 1841, and moved to Belfast, Ireland, when she was a small girl. She joined the Latter Day Saint Church in Belfast,

Ireland in 1857, and sailed for the USA in 1863. She was married on board the ship Amazon just before sailing, by George Q. Cannon to Thomas Crawley. They arrived in Salt Lake City in October, 1863, and were sealed in the Endowment house in 1868. Betsy's mother Ann AndersonRitchie McKay sailed with her, and lived with her until her death.

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