Bunker Hill!

Before you get all excited about a Patriotic place name, the battle was nearby at Breeds Hill.

Don't forget that the future in-laws of Samuel were on the loosing side in our War of Independance.



The History of Samuel Burbank

(From the Ancestors & Descendants of Lt. Daniel & Mary (Marks) Burbank)

Samuel Burbank, born 16 Oct 1706, Boston, Mass.; died (will dated 7 Feb. 1778, Holiston, Mass.) 1781; married Mary Reed daughter of Thomas & Abigail (Bacon) Reed, 10 March 1730, Sudbury, Mass. He married (2) Mrs. Hannah Emerson. He lived in Sudbury, Mass., where all of his twelve children were born, and in his old age was living at Holliston, Mass., where his will was probated 6 September, 1781.

None of Capt. Timothy's three sons became mariners -- Samuel was a baby when his father was lost at sea, and he was brought up by his stepfather, Thomas Smith. Samuel is known by his descendants as the father of the Revolutionary Soldier boys. His four boys; Ebenezer, Samuel, Daniel and John saw much service in this War. Sudbury is only about seven miles south of Concord and Lexington -- the hot spot of the war. His son Samuel played a very important part in the Battle of Bunker Hill.

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