John Alton Bigelow

(This was scanned into a computer file by Stephen Rawlins in Feb., 1997, from the document: DON AND ANNIE BIGELOW LIFE HISTORY, prepared by their children in 1988.)

Alton came into the world to join Don and Annie's family at 6:00 A.M. on Thursday, July 12, 1906. He was born in Wallsburg, Wasatch County, Utah. As he grew up, his older brother, William was his constant companion until William joined his sisters in Heaven.

When Alton reached young manhood be received a call to go on a mission. He served a two-year mission for the L.D.S. Church in the Canadian Mission from 1926 to December, 1928.

On October 15, 1930 he married Fern Thorne in the Salt Lake Temple. He first met Fern in the mission field. They made their home in Wallsburg, where Alton became partner with his Father on the Bigelow farm. There in Wallsburg they were blessed with five children, four daughters and one son.

  • Leda born 19 July 1931
  • Verna born 3 May 1934
  • LaRee born 21 June 1936
  • Yvonne born 25 Sept 1938
  • Lee Alton born 24 Aug 1941

While living in Wallsburg, Alton advanced in the Priesthood to a position of High Priest. In 1943 Alton and his family moved to Leamington, Utah. On March 23, 1947 Alton was set apart to be Bishop by Ezra Taft Benson. His family moved to Springville in 1948 and to St. George in January of 1963.

In St. George, Alton obtained his general contractor's license. He spent twenty three years as a building superintendent and general contractor while living there. He supervised the building of many buildings, houses, three river bridges, a power plant, two cement plants and about 75% of the curb and gutter in St. George.

He was called to serve a Building Mission in 1956. He, with his wife and two youngest children went to the Samoan Mission. He built the first LDS chapel in Fiji and a mission home in Western Samoa. He served as a branch president while he was there. They returned home in 1958.

On 30 June 1965, Alton became on ordinance worker in the St. George Temple. In 1971, and until 1973, Fern and Alton went

together and served a mission in the Brisbane Mission in Queensland, Australia.
Alton was set apart as a Temple Sealer by President Spencer W. Kimball. He will never forget having the President's hands upon his head. This was on the 15th of February, 1973.

On March 31, 1983, Fern died and was buried in St. George.

Alton has held many other offices and positions in the Church. He has been an MIA (Mutual Improvement Association) President, has been in the Sunday School Superintendency and has served as a Scout Master.

On June 16, 1984, Alton married Mae Thorne Jacklin Thornton in the Provo Temple. As of 1988, he is still serving as a sealer in the St. George Temple.


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